Ghent is a city with about 250.000 inhabtitants near Brussels in Belgium. The city has a rich history and still consists of a lot of beautiful buildings. In this city guide, we’ll explain what you need to see when visiting Ghent! Ghent is a somewhat underrated cities when it comes to tourism as it is more beautiful than the capital of Belgium, Brussels, and also many more larger cities in Europe like… Read More

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Xiamen is one of the lesser known cities in China, but one of the most impressive ones at the same time. While many cities in the country lack charm, Xiamen has lots of it. In this city guide, I’ll explain what you should see when visiting Xiamen and why it is such a nice place! You can find more content about Xiamen on our city page! If you are going to Xiamen,… Read More

The Dhawa Jinshanling Hotel is located a few hours away from Beijing, right next to the Chinese Wall. In this hotel review, I’ll explain why staying here is quite an experience with some strings attached. Visiting the Chinese Wall definitely is a once in a lifetime experience, which I’d rate as high as visiting Machu Picchu and the Pyramids of Gizeh. Classification: Four Stars Room Category: Standard Room Month of Stay: October… Read More

The China Southern regional Economy Class offers a decent comfort for short flights within China. In this extensive review, I’ll explain what you need to know about flying with the carrier from Mainland China. On the way from the holiday paradise of Hainan Island to Guangzhou, China Southern appeared to be the best choice with mulitple daily frequencies, so this ended up being what I booked on the route. Airplane: Airbus A320… Read More

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The Vinpearl Resort Ha Long Bay is a luxury hotel located on an island very close to the actual attraction. While the style and design of the hotel might be questionable, it’s an enjoyable hotel to stay at while visiting Ha Long Bay as I’ll explain in this extensive review! Ha Long Bay is mainly visited with day trips from Hanoi, but it’s a three hour car or bus trip in both… Read More

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