The Executive Lounge Dublin T1 is one of two Priority Pass lounges at Dublin Airport. Generally, the lounge is quite, but is constantly crowded, too. Read what to expect in this extensive review. If you are departing from Dublin Airport, there’s a good chance you end up in the Executive Lounge Dublin (either in T1 or T2) as these lounges are Priority Pass lounges as well as partner lounges for several airlines…. Read More

For my stay in Düsseldorf, I decided to chooese the InterContinental Düsseldorf once again. I’ll have a review of the hotel shortly (of my last stay), but enjoyed this one again. Especially the spacious Executive Suite was a real pleasure. Stay tuned for the extensive hotel review here on traveluxblog!

My whirlwind trip to Athens, Berlin and Düsseldorf also included one night at the Hotel Palace Berlin, which I’ve reviewed twice already. My stay was very enjoyable once again even though I didn’t get a suite upgrade this time. As I’ve reviewed the hotel often enough, there won’t be a new review this time.

The InterContinental Vienna is currently in its last months. The hotel will soon be gone due to a redevelopment of the whole area. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my stay very much as you’ll read in this review. You can find more content about Vienna on our city page! The InterContinental Vienna is not only one of the oldest hotels of the whole chain, but is also a symbol for Vienna. No, the building… Read More

For a quick trip to Athens, I decieded to stay at the InterContinental Athens Athenaeum. The luxury hotel is located a little outside of the city and is a little dated. The rooms are spacious, the club lounge is okay, but the service was a little disappointing. At least, the views of the Acropolis are nice. Stay tuned for an extensive hotel review here on traveluxblog!

Another busy week is over! I’ll share some impressions of my travel next week, so there wasn’t all that much “on the road” content this week. However, we’ve released some reviews, guides and more for you to enjoy! What a positive surprise! Here’s our review of the Grand Mercure Danang. One of the best ways to fly to South America. Our review of the LATAM Boeing 787-9 Business Class! What a lovely… Read More

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Doha is the capital of Qatar, a country that is currently opening up to tourism. However, my impressions of Doha weren’t all that great. For me, the city feels quite artificial. In this Doha City Guide I’ll explain why I wouldn’t recommend planning on spending too much time on Doha. On I’m trying to be as neutral as possible, while still giving an opinion on whether visiting a place or staying… Read More

While Sydney definitely has many highlights, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is not often mentioned. That is quite a shame as this place is one of the most tranquil areas in the whole city. In this special I’ll help you get an idea of why visiting is worth it. You can find more content about Sydney on our city page! During my few days in Sydney, I had the great chance to… Read More

Running in Auckland can be a truly enjoyable experience. Especially on the waterfront, Auckland is a beautiful place for a run. Even though I didn’t have much time, I tremendously enjoyed my run. You can find more content about Auckland on our city page! This will be one of the shorter running guides as I just went for a quick 3.5 kilometers run in the morning. Distance: 3.5 Kilometers Jogged alititude: 10… Read More