The Hilton Prague Old Town is a luxury hotel located close to the city center of Prague. In this hotel review, we’ll explain what’s positive about the hotel and where we see potential for improvement. You can find more content about Prague on our city page! I’ve stayed at a couple of different hotels in Prague in the last years. Those are including the InterContinental Prague, the Grand Mark Prague and more…. Read More

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Würzburg is a medium-sized German city close to Frankfurt. The Bavarian city has a troubled past and was mostly destroyed in the Second World War. However, there are still several nice areas, making Würzburg a very interesting city to visit! In this City Guide, we’ll explain what you should see in Würzburg and why visiting is an enjoyable experience. To be honest, my visit was especially great as I was blessed with… Read More

The Cotai Water Jet is a speed ferry connecting Hong Kong with Macau. In this extensive guide, we’ll explain what routes are served, what you need need to know about taking a ride and how the comfort in both classes compares. When visiting Macau, we decided to take the easiest possible way to the gambling metropolis: The Cotai Water Jet. In general, there are four different routes: Taipa Ferry Terminal <-> Hong… Read More

The Bangkok Airways Economy Class offers a very comfortable flight experience as a full-service airline. In this airline review, we’ll explain what you can expect of flying with the airline. While Bangkok Airways is in direct competition with Thai Airways on many routes, there are also some monopoly routes. Those include the route from Koh Samui to Bangkok, which I took. Airplane: Airbus A319 Cabin Class: Economy Daytime: Noon Food: Lunch Seat Pitch: 31 Inch… Read More

The Hilton Garden Inn Cusco is the only hotel operated by Hilton in the fascinating Peruvian city. In this hotel review, we’ll explain why the hotel offers very good value for the money! You can find more content about Cusco on our city page! Looking for hotels in Cusco, I was instantly surprised on how expensive the market is. Luxury hotels often charge 300 US-Dollar per night or more. The Hilton Garden… Read More

You want to find more amazing photos on our blog? Check out our section “Photo of the Week”!

Lausanne, which is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is the fourth largest Swiss city and well known for being the Olympic Capital. Situated on the northern side of Lake Geneva it offers stunnning views of the lake and mountains. Lausanne is quite a hilly city, so be prepared to walk up and down some steep hills while doing sightseeing. There’s also a tram that goes all the way from Ouchy… Read More

Running in Cornwall is a truly beautiful experience. While this guide will be a little different than my normal running guides as I’m combining two runs, you’ll definitely get a great idea of why Cornwall is totally worth visiting! While my running guides usually focus on particular cities, that’s a little more challenging in a whole region like Cornwall. However, the landscape is at least somewhat similar in the different parts of… Read More

The Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne is one of two domestic lounges of the Australian airline on its secondary hub in Melbourne. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of the lounge. You can find more content about Melbourne on our city page!  When looking for a domestic lounge in Melbourne flying Qantas, you’ll first find the Qantas Club Melbourne. Inside of this lounge, there’s the entrance to the Qantas Business… Read More