Train travel in Belgium is one of the best options to see the country. Especially if you are based in Brussels, you can easily do daytrips to all cities for cheap! Belgium has a very well developed train network. First of all, there are the so-called Thalys trains. I won’t focus on these now as the Thalys is mainly connecting international destinations with Brussels. While the train also stops in cities like… Read More

TAM is the national carrier of Brazil and operates dozens of domestic and international routes out of different hubs. The airline was rebranded to LATAM after merging with LAN Chile lately, but most services in Brazil are still offered under the TAM brand. That said, this airline review features the domestic Economy Class of TAM. There are four major carriers in Brazil: Avianca Brazil, GOL, Azul, TAM. While I really enjoyed my… Read More

Even though there were some problems when staying at InterContinental Berlin for the last time, I checked out the hotel again. Here are some impressions from the Club Lounge. Surely, you’ll be able to find a new extensive review on traveluxblog soon! You can find more content including several other hotel reviews about Berlin on our city page!

Last weekend, I had the chance to check out the Executive Lounge Wroclaw. While the food spread is rather average, I found the seating to be quite nice! Stay tuned for a full review coming up on traveluxblog! You can find more content about Wroclaw on our city page!

The LaLit New Delhi is a luxury hotel in the city center of the Indian capital. While the hotel looks quite nice on pictures, I was quite disappointed when arriving at the property. Even though there are some good things to say about the property, I’d still recommend staying anywhere else. Check out why I wouldn’t come back in our extensive hotel review of The LaLit New Delhi! Located somewhere in the… Read More

The next big trip is coming up shortly and there’s yet so much content from earlier trips! This week we released several new posts again! Here’s the overview: After already having reviewed Sofitel Brussels Europe, we also checked out Hilton Brussels City! The new lounges at Munich Airport look brilliant! Here’s the review of the new Senator Lounge! Running in a metropolis! Here’s our running guide for Dallas! Surely, we also released… Read More

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Running in Dallas can be quite an experience as it pretty much substitutes sightseeing. The city itself doesn’t have too many sights and if you are starting downtown like I did at Omni Hotel Dallas, you’ll have an easy time seeing most interesting spots in the city. While the weather was quite streaky the morning I went running in Dallas, the temperature was actually decent. Distance: 7 kilometers Jogged altitude: 180 meters Calories burned:… Read More

The Lufthansa Senator Lounge Schengen Satellite Munich is one of the new Lufthansa lounges in the new „terminal“ at Munich Airport. The lounge comes with a fresh and modern design and offers views of the tarmac. This lounge review will explain why this lounge definitely is better than the lounges in the “old” part of Terminal 2. Check out our rating of the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Schengen Satellite Munich! With opening the… Read More

Hilton Brussels City is a four-star hotel located in the North of Brussels. Being one of the cheaper Hilton hotels in Brussels, I had fairly low expectations of Hilton Brussels City. While I didn’t find the hotel really good, it was not too bad either. You’ll see why in this extensive hotel review! Check out our rating of Hilton Brussels City! Upon arriving at Hilton Brussels City, which has a fairly good… Read More


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