Norwegian is a growing Low-Cost-Carrier, offering flights in-between cities in Europe. The’ve also expanded to long haul flights. This review, however, will only feature the experience on a regional flight. The number of low-cost carriers in Europa is constantly rising. While I’m usually rather flying with full service airlines, I’m flying with LCCs from time to time. For example, I’ve already experience flying with EasyJet. Norwegian is a pretty similiar airline in… Read More

Lisbon is not only the capital of Portugal, but also one of the most beautiful city destinations in Europe. We had the chance to visit the city (again) and enjoyed it very much. The weather was quite difficult as it kept changing, but we enjoyed visiting very much. Stay tuned for an extensive City Guide here on traveluxblog!

After an amazing time at the Algarve, we decided to head to Lisbon. For our one night stay, we decided to choose the InterContinental Lisbon. The luxury hotel has a decent Executive Lounge, a decent gym and allright rooms. Nothing really impressed me, but the hotel isn’t a bad choice either. Stay tuned for an extensive review here on traveluxblog!

The Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port is a luxury hotel in the second biggest city in France. The hotel is located a little outside of the city center, but offers magnificent views. In this review, I’ll explain whether staying at the Sofitel Marseille is worth it or not. You can find more content about Marseille on our city page! I’ve stayed at a couple of different Sofitel properties, including those in Auckland, Berlin, Brussels,… Read More

After a quick stay near the airport, we arrvied at our “real” holiday destination, the Conrad Algarve. The luxury hotel is one of the best Hilton Hotels in Europa without any doubt. The rooms are luxurious, spacious and offer very nice balconies and bathrooms. Additionally, there are great facilities and very good food options available. Stay tuned for an extensive review here on traveluxblog!

We’re currently in Lisbon and are returning back to the “cold part” of Europe tomorrow. In the last week, we’ve enjoyed the Algarve, but also released a lot of new content. We hope that you enjoyed our impressions from Grenoble as well as all our other contents. Here’s our weekly look back! A really cozy place. First impressions of the Park Hotel Grenoble! Not amazing, but a great value for the money…. Read More

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After a very late arrival on the Algarve, we decided to book the ibis Faro Algarve for our first night in the South of Portugal. The hotel is very close to the airport and offers modern, yet simple rooms. All in all, a good choice for a quick stay close to the airport. Stay tuned for an extensive review here on traveluxblog!

Arras is a small city in the North of France, located close to Lille. From Paris, it is approximately one hour by train. While you might not have heard of Arras yet, the city is in fact totally worth a visit. Read why in our extensive Arras City Guide. Arras has just about 40.000 inhabtitants, but is an interesting tourist destination nevertheless. The city, which dates back to the 5th century, is… Read More

Transportation in Brisbane is mainly compromised of several bus lines. While there was a tram and trolleybus network till the late 1960s, trains don’t play an important role in Brisbane anymore. If you want to get around the city, you need to instead use a bus or a taxi. In this transportation guide, we are explaining what you need to know about transportation in Brisbane. You can find more content about Brisbane… Read More