We’ve arrived at the Seychelles and are currently enjoying the amazing Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort. Impressions are following in the upcoming days. Yet, there was also lots of interesting content last week. If you missed anything, here’s all the content summed up! We’ve started the week with our review of the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre! One of the best lounges in the world. Our review of the Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney!… Read More

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Lima was the first city we visited on our South America trip this spring. The Peruvian capital, founded by the Spanish conquestor has Francisco Pizarro, has a rich history. It is the third largest city in the Americas and has the oldest university of the Americas stemming from Spanish colonization. In my city guide I will give you a brief overview of the sights we visited. As we only had a day… Read More

If you are departing from Oslo, you may have chance to enjoy the SAS Lounge Oslo. In fact, there are three different lounges. I had the chance to visit the SAS Gold Lounge and the SAS Business Lounge, which are fairly similiar. They are both nice and modern place to hang out. The buffet isn’t big or substantial, but especially the cold options are local and very tasty. Stay tuned for an… Read More

Running in Cairo? He must be insane. That’s what you might think when reading this post. However, as I’m running pretty much anywhere the planet, I thought it couldn’t be such a bad idea in Cairo. Well, it was quite some fun, even though pretty much everyone looked at me weirdly! You can find more content about Cairo on our city page! If you are a regular follower of traveluxblog, you are… Read More

The Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney is the most luxurious lounge at Sydney Airport. It’s also one of the best lounges you can access if holding an oneworld Emerald status. Learn about why the lounge is so nice in this extensive lounge review! You can find more content about Sydney on our city page! Sadly, I’m not in Australia very often, so I only got a taste of the great Qantas First… Read More

The DoubleTree Bristol City Centre is one of several options in the British city. As there is no ‘proper’ Hilton in the city, the DoubleTree is the most ‘luxurious’ option. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of staying here. You can find more content about Bristol on our city page! The DoubleTree in Bristol is located between the central station and the city center. There is not much around,… Read More

Time goes by quickly! We’ve shared several new impressions, guides and reviews with you this week. While there won’t be many new impressions at the beginning of next week, the next trip is already starting by the end of the week. So, stay tuned and enjoy our last week’s content! How’s flying Business Class with Oman Air like? Here are our first impressions! An affordable hotel in the heart of Sydney. Our… Read More

You want to find more amazing photos on our blog? Check out our section “Photo of the Week”!

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve already shared my impressions of the Hampton Berlin City West. As I enjoyed the property, I decided that it is worth checking out the new Hampton Berlin Alexanderplatz. While the rooms aren’t very large and the location isn’t ideal, everything else is just fine. Everything is brand new and high quality, the breakfast is good and the gym isn’t bad either. Stay tuned for an extensive… Read More