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Never say never. Travelling by car is something we rarely do, but apparently, some exceptions still exist. This time: 400 km to Dresden, the capital of Saxony in the east of Germany. Even if it is not a city known for its size or its sights or its universities or anything other, Dresden surprised us with its very own charm.

As we had not, pretty untypical, much time to stay in Dresden, we left early in the morning and had yet thought of a city tour we want to make. Finally arrived, we started with the “Altstadt”. Even though it is said to be something special, I did not have this feeling. Nice place, but that’s it. Getting hungry, we found – as expected – McDonald’s. I guess, most of the time we spent at the “Altstadt” was in there, but even there not for long.

Discovering Dresden’s sights on foot

To discover a city on foot does not necessarily mean that “city” is not big. In our case, everything we were interested in seeing was just right next to each other. Probably that is the reason why we underestimated the distance we were going to walk. Our next stop, the “Neustadt”, was more beautiful and invited to stay a bit longer. Historical buildings as well as statues or churches and museums, everything can be found here. All of them were impressive, especially from the outside. Unfortunately, we were not in the inside of any building, mainly because of our shortage of time. Nevertheless, the church “Dreikönigskirche”, the “Baroque Quarter”, the “Neustadt Market Hall”, or the “Albertinum” are worth a visit in any case.


Just a little misunderstanding in Dresden

As we then got to know, that little place we were at the beginning was not the “Altstadt”, but a little place in the centre. The real Altstadt has much more to offer! We loved the imposing “Church of Our Lady” and the “Semper Opera House”. Moreover, the “Zwinger” was truly a highlight for us! The garden that surrounded  the “Zwinger” was amazing, not forget to mention the interesting architecture of the building itself. In case the weather is good, it is dreamlike to sit at “Neumarket Square”, as the cafés offer a place to sit outside. The “Stallhof and Procession of Princes” is like a little throwback to the middle ages, as knightly games took place there. Even though it seems now to be dark and mystical and unfriendly, it is really bright and nice to go through.

Fantastic view of river Elbe in Dresden

If you want to enjoy a perfect view of river Elbe, the “Brühl Terrace” is the perfect location for it! On the other side of the river, Friedrich August got pretty memorable as a statue: The Golden Horseman. We were impressed, the gold was like a mirror in the sun and the weather was perfect. Eating an ice cream next to it seemed a pretty good solution for us, so we enjoyed the rest of our time. While we were going back to the car, we visited the “Yenidze”, a beautifully constructed fabric looking like a synagogue. On the way on a bridge, the view over the river to the “Academy of Arts” was breathtaking!

Positively surprised of Dresden

So even if Dresden is not that well known for its sights, we loved it and would recommend everybody to visit that city because of its nice flair and charm with its sights. I can only speak for me, it was a long day, but, nevertheless, worth every step I took to discover the capital of Saxony.

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  1. You have done an excellent job for the city of Dresden: it sounds an excellent place to visit! Also, I like many of your other posts. Stay happy (and adventurous), Phil.

    • Hey Phil,
      thanks a lot for your kind words. You have a very interesting topic to blog about, I will enjoy your discoveries!
      Have a great day, Sabrina

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