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Experience all kinds of one a kind. That’s how the Leading Hotels of the World are advertising their hotels. At the Louis C. Jacob Hamburg, I really had this feeling. After several problems in the beginning, this stay got pretty memorable.

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When your flight departs at 6 am, you are usually pretty damp when you arrive at your hotel. As I am someone who usually travels by public transport to the hotels of my choice, it even took some time to reach the Louis C Jacob. As it occurred the trip from the train station to the hotel was about two hours (we had a stop to have some breakfast), so we arrived round about 9 am in the morning.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Elbzimmer
  • Month of Stay: July

I yet have called the hotel and told them about the early check-in. When we arrived, the room was prepared (at 9 am!), which made me pretty happy and made me smile for the first minutes in the hotel. Moreover, all guys at the reception have been very kind, so you feel home right from the beginning.

Boring room and bad preparation

But with positive comes negative. And here we are, talking about the first room. They offered us a Junior Suite (that was what we have booked). It was pretty, however, but nothing special in any regard. One big room, nice bathroom, nice wardrobe, but all in all too dark (just one window) and not really comfortable.

Furthermore, they did forget to move the beds together (we ordered King, not Twin), did not prepare the bathroom with amenities and cleaned the room little thoroughly. These are reasons why we decided to ask for another room. Once again all receptionists have been pretty kind and offered us a new room in a second after getting to know that I am a member of Leaders Club. This time we had a way better feeling.

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Amazing view at the Louis C. Jacob

We were offered a room with a view of river Elbe this time. To make it short: It really is amazing and worth the money. While not being very big (about 35 sqm), the room just lived from its stunning view. You literally did not want to leave the room again due to having such an amazing view. You can watch several ships passing through, enjoy watching airplanes landing and starting (Airbus is on the other side of the river) or just chill out and enjoy the tranquility (apart from some airplane noise it is really, really quiet).

Airbus Skylink

View of the Airbus area on the other side of the Elbe

Apart from the view, the room is equipped with everything you need (Nespresso machine, Designer television, lovely marble bathroom and a comfy bed). The only thing which made me sad was that there was no welcome gift (I am used to getting one in other Leading Hotels).

Expensive food at a unique location

The food at Louis C. Jacob is pretty expensive and most likely worth a lot (we did not have dinner at the hotel this time). With having an Elbe room, you just did not want leave the room to have dinner at the restaurant, even though it is located just some meters underneath the room. It offers Elbe view as well and looks pretty good, so it may be worth dipping it if you are visiting Hamburg. The quality of breakfast (which is expensive as well) was very high, the food tasted amazing (try the “Krabbenrührei” – scrambled egg with crabs). Seating is okay if the weather is not good and it is amazing if it is good due to the hotel offering a lovely terrace that is allowing you to watch the ships pass through.

Enjoying the lovely Queen Mary 2

To come back to the teaser, you need to know that the following happened at our first day. We were tired at like 6 pm and decided to watch a movie on Pay TV (it is included). Not very surprisingly, we fell asleep before suddenly being awakened by extreme noise. We were truly paralyzed due to the room being so tranquil at the first place. After two minutes I decided to get up and have a look out of the windows. And yeah, it was just crazy. I saw a ship way bigger than all I’ve seen passing through before and a ton of guys waving flags at the terrace.

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 decided to say hello

They even played loud music – I was too sleepy to recognize that it was the national anthem of Britain – to celebrate the ship. The guys over at the Queen Mary 2 (it took me some seconds to get which ship may be that big) were waving good-bye, leaving for a journey of some days. At the Louis C. Jacob, as I later got to know, they are partnering with the Queen Mary 2, which is the reason why they are celebrating every time the ship is coming or leaving. In my opinion, this is something which really makes Leading Hotels a “one a kind experience”.

Time to leave the Louis C. Jacob

Overall, we really enjoyed the Louis C. Jacob. It is a lovely small place with lovely rooms (if you get an Elbe room), amazingly prepared food on the one hand but with reasonable prices on the other hand. Some things, like the Spa or the location away from the city, are not that good. Especially the Spa was kind of awkward and very, very small.

Wine decanter

Lovely little welcome treat

But the warmth all employees show and the good dealing with complaints (they offered us chocolate cream as a farewell gift) make the Louis C. Jacob a hotel to visit again. If you are coming to Hamburg, you definitely need to visit the hotel and enjoy the view, even if you just go for a cup of tea and some cake on the terrace. If you love tranquility and good German service, you’ll fell in love in seconds.

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