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There is always a little difference between a city hotel and a holiday resort. But if you want both, you may find some hotels in the world as well. One of these is The Dolder Grand Zurich. It calls itself a “city resort” and it actually delivers. There were many good things to tell about the hotel before its renovation, but after its million dollar rehabilitation, it is just amazing.

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Driving to The Dolder Grand is an interesting feeling. The palace is nestled in a little wood well above Zurich. Parking on the platform in front of the huge hotel is deeply impressive but you’ll lose your intimidation just in seconds. There is a lovely doorman helping you with your luggage awaiting you all day. He’ll get you to the reception and will arrange everything concerning your bags.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: April

As we arrived early when we decided to go to Zurich, our room was not prepared yet (it was round about noon). Anyway, we were treated very nice and were asked to have drink in the lobby bar till the room is ready. Interestingly, it was even a free drink (I’m used to pay for the kind of “you may wanna have seat while waiting?”-drinks).

Breathtaking rooms at The Dolder Grand

After 30 minutes, we were brought to our room by a young employee. She was pretty kind and showed us the most important places in the hotel (I’ve been to Dolder before, so the short tour was just for my girlfriend). If you visit The Dolder Grand, you may have a close look to the pictures in the hallways. They are not only impressive, all of them are original. But even more important: The rooms are amazingly furnished.

Deluxe Room at the Dolder Grande (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Deluxe Room at the Dolder Grande (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

If you go for a room in the “wings”, you’ll get an extremely modern room, if you want to have a classic room, aim for the “old house” (in the main building all rooms are restored as well, they are just furnished in another style).

As we love the modern style, we got a room in the Spa Wing (close distance to the pool and stuff). That was filled with modern amenities and was furnished in a “cool-business”-style. It was not too big (maybe 40 sqm), but offered everything you need, including a big TV with an amazing sound system. The bathroom is seized normal and offers a walk-in shower, a bathtub as well as a toilette with an extra door.

Sadly, the view of the room was not as breathtaking as I hoped it would be. The problem was that we got a room on the inner-side of the wing, so we looked at the palace, not down to Zurich. Other rooms may offer a way better view.

Exploring the amazing SPA of the Dolder

After some travel time, we had to come down for a moment and enjoyed a lovely welcome treatment which consists of some snacks and a bottle of wine. As you have a small balcony, you may also enjoy the treats in the sun. As soon as we were in the mood to move-on, we went to the lowest floor in the Wing to have a look at the SPA. At first, we went into a kind of circle that led to nowhere. After some seconds of thinking, we decided that we may have gone the wrong way (I already failed to take the right way when I was at The Dolder for the first time…).

Large Swimming Pool at the Dolder Grand (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Large Swimming Pool at the Dolder Grand (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

In the end, you’ll have to pass through the changing rooms to get to the pool and other important facilities. These changing rooms are just WOW and by far the best I’ve seen so far. They offer not only all SPA-amenities (skin-care, shaving cream,…) but also offer relaxation areas as well as sauna, steam bath and other facilities. All of these facilities are included in both changing rooms (for men and women).

Enjoying a lovely view over Zurich

As soon as you leave the changing rooms (it’s not that easy with all these interesting facilities as well as tea and apples being offered), you are joining a big SPA. The pool is pretty well sized and offers a good temperature to have a swim. The sauna, steam bath, ice room (that one is pretty interesting as you dip into a winter wonderland) and beds (not sure if this word is the right one) filled with stones in this area are open for men and women, so you may enjoy some time with your companion.

At the Garden Restaurant you may also enjoy the beautiful view (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

At the Garden Restaurant you may also enjoy the beautiful view (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

I did not really like to stay inside due to the loungers not being located in a really “chilled” area. If you decide to go out instead, you’ll enjoy a lovely time in the sun. Also, there is a whirlpool offered which allows beautiful views of Zurich (there is a whirlpool in the inside as well but that one does not offer a good view).

Amazing breakfast at The Dolder Grand Zurich

If you had enough of enjoying your life and sleeping at pool-side, you may go to Zurich by the shuttle which is offered by the hotel. It departs every 30 minutes and is free of charge. It’s fast, it’s convenient and there are drinks and bonbons. So, nothing negative to say about the shuttle. As we did not have dinner in the hotel, I’m not able to tell you how good he food in The Dolder may be. But I’m sure that it’s worth having dinner there when I’m thinking of the amazing breakfast.


Amazing á la carte breakfast

This one is in the “Garden Restaurant” located in the main building. You’ll have to choose between different kinds of breakfast (for example some breakfast for fitness or a big “Garden Breakfast”). It’s not only the quality of the food, it’s the atmosphere and the service (they offer á la carte breakfast, no buffet) wich makes the Dolder breakfast so amazing. You’ll get unlimited drinks (freshly squeezed juices as well as coffee, cappuccino or anything else) and enough to eat (it’s not unlimited but you’ll have enough to stay there for some hours).

Waving good-bye to a lovely city resort

The Dolder is very expensive and it’s not any cheaper than any other hotel in Zurich, even if it is located some minutes outside. In my opinion, it is fair that it is not cheaper because it is a beautiful place and so far the best city hotel I’ve been to.

Exterior of the Dolder

Exterior of the Dolder (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

The amazing Spa, the beautiful appointed rooms, the good service and the breakfast for which I do not even have enough positive words make, The Dolder Grand a place to enjoy, even if you have appointments in the city and a stressful day. I guarantee you: After a long day, you’ll enjoy The Dolder more than any other hotel in Zurich.

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