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Ever heard of Andermatt? Probably, you have not. The little village is located near the Gotthard Pass, one and a half hours in the south of Zurich. Driving there is something very special, but being in The Chedi Andermatt is even more unique. You find the hotel, which offers everything you need, in the middle of the city. What we loved the most? The perfect room.

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Travelling to Andermatt is nothing to call easy but it’s really worth it. You’ll get a feeling of holiday when driving through Central Switzerland due to the amazing landscape. As the road leads all around the Vierwaldstättersee, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view, driving up the Gotthard Pass later on you’ll have the same once again.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Grand Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: August

After the (driving) road adventure we arrived pretty chilled at The Chedi Andermatt. As the village is not any big, it is hard to not find the hotel. Yet it is not directly located at the main street, so you do not need to be feared of noise. The architecture is stunning and traditional at the same time. The new hotel (opened in 2013) was built in the style of the Swiss Alps. It really fits perfectly into the little village.

Saying hello with cheesecake and ice tea

The lobby is just as stunning as the building, so you’ll be focusing on looking around and admiring the beautiful interior. Dreaming for a second, we were “thrown” back to reality with a welcome greeting we never had before.

As soon as we arrived at the reception, we were offered a hot towel like it is common in the Asian tradition, a little ice tea and a little piece of cheesecake.

Vierwaldstättersee 6

After we have travelled three hours, we really loved that welcome treatment. The check-in went fast and smooth, the hotel tour was extensive though. There is much to see, so take some time for being (shown around) guided through. Everything looks great, but nevertheless, nothing is as good as the extraordinary room, at least in my opinion.

Spacious and cozy room at The Chedi Andermatt

It’s pretty hard to find anything negative when talking about the Grande Deluxe Room we stayed at. The category is only the second lowest (the lowest category is the same room with a “worse” view at a lower floor) but offers all you need for good holidays. The room is spacious (offering 55 sqm) and is stuffed with high-quality interior only. We really loved the big bed (something like 2,40 meters x 2,20 meters), the big balcony and the fire place.

What may be bothersome for some guests is the open bathroom, which cannot be closed completely (it’s open on the back side, and may be closed on the front side). The shower and the toilet (both separated) were as spacious and modern as the rest of the bathroom, but we yet had a problem with the toilet as you always feel watched (the door is not “viewproof” at all).

Free soft drinks, chocolate and wine

Okay, we already had a welcome treatment. But as a member of Leaders Club, I got another one. In our room there was Swiss Chocolate waiting for us (it was really good) which made me smile for another time. Moreover, we were offered a bottle of white wine (they had a look at my preferences) as well as three oranges.

Even if you are not a guest with a Leaders Club membership, you’ll love the free minibar (only the soft drinks are free of charge, alcohol and snacks are pretty expensive). The (choice) offered selection is so big that you are not really able to decide which drink you may take first. They offer lemonade, coke, juices, ice tea, water, rivella, energy drinks and many more drinks (there were at least 20 soft drinks in the minibar). The “to-pay-minibar” is stuffed with bottles of champagne, wine and several snacks, so you’ll be able to live from the minibar for at least two days if you do not want to leave the lovely room.

Warm pool, whirlpool and hot pool

Okay, this headline may be weird but I just stated the names of the pools in the Spa. In the “relaxation area” you’ll fine two saunas (hot and not that hot), two steam bathes (one with salt, the other one without), an ice hole (18 degrees, to dip in after steam bath) and three pools. On the left side there is a “warm pool” (33 degrees), a “whirlpool” (38 degrees) and a “hot pool” (42 degrees). I recommend starting with the warm one, ending the journey with the hot one. The other way round you’ll feel pretty cold when going into the warm pool.

Three Pools 2

Everything is pretty amazing in the Spa but we would have been even happier if they offered a real chill-out-area (there are some seating areas and couches in the spa but no real “extra room” for just reading, sleeping and chilling). For the ones who are more sportive, there is a sports pool (35 meters long and 28 degrees cold) in an extra area that invites you for a very good swim. Nearby, there are lounging areas offered (they all felt pretty comfortable).

Swiss prices at The Chedi Andermatt

What kind of “hurts” at The Chedi Andermatt are the prices. Don’t get me wrong, I am used to expensive food and spa treatments, but at The Chedi you may lose another 200 Euro a day when trying to enjoy yourself (don’t forget that the room already is 500-700 Euro per night). You will only find water offered in the SPA area, everything else you need to order for a solid price (you won’t find a snack for less than 10 Euro). At the restaurants, the real main dishes start at 40 Euro, drinks were reasonable priced though.

TV Menu Dinner

We decided to have dinner in our room and ordered from the so called “TV menu”. The nachos and samosas we got were high quality and served in a lovely style – but for the price we paid, it was a pretty small portion. Anyway, I’ll recommend having dinner in the room as Video on demand is free (we enjoyed several movies) and the room is very cozy (especially when you are sitting at the fire place).

Waving good-bye to a lovely place

After a very good breakfast with perfect service (it was really perfect, just as good as in The Dolder Grand) and some sports in the well-equipped fitness studio, I (was offered) found a lovely birthday cake on our last day. It was waiting for me in our room when I came back from the fitness studio and it tasted more than just brilliant (chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse). Moreover, we were offered late check-out at 4 pm (everyone is offered this late check-out if there are rooms available). Anyway, we had to leave sometime. Overall, we were pretty happy that we decided to spend the night at The Chedi Andermatt at my birthday as the stay was close to perfect. We can recommend the hotel to everyone searching a good place to recover or enjoy some time together. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you’ll need the right amount of “pocket money” to have a good time in The Chedi.

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  3. It looks and sounds amazing! I definitely have to visit this hotel. I think the next summer vacation, we’ll definitely stay there for at least a day!

  4. The Brenner Pass ist located in Austria.
    Andermatt is not far away from Gotthardpass in Switzerland, situated exactly between Furkapass and Oberalppass.

    • Hey Karin,

      thanks for your comment! You are absolutely right. Even though we’ve taken the passes several times, we messed it up in this Hotel Review. I’ve just edited the article and corrected the mistake. Thanks again 🙂

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