The best part of a train trip in Germany

When speaking of lounges, you may usually think about airports. But there are lounges at train stations as well. We tried the “Deutsche Bahn” First Class Lounge in Munich and were very positively surprised. The service is fast, the comfort is solid and the food had a good taste.

You may have read my last post about my journey with “Deutsche Bahn”. Not everything went good but it was a fun experience anyways. One thing that made me pretty happy during my trip was the lounge in Munich. Due to my booking of a First Class ticket for the train, I was able to easily rebook my next train (I missed initial train because of a heavy delay of the prior one) in the lounge.All the other guests had to queue at the information desk. In my opinion, the process went pretty smooth (it did not even take a minute) and I was able to sit down pretty fast.

Chilled atmosphere with complimentary internet and newspapers

Every lounge provided by the DB offers complimentary internet and newspapers. That feature is nothing special in the first class lounge (you may only enter the second class lounge when you got a so called “bahn comfort” card – something like a frequent rider program). It is very nice anyway because there is more space and also a better view in the first class part of the lounge in Munich.

This is how a "second class" lounge looks like

This is how a “second class” lounge looks like

The washrooms look pretty good as well

The washrooms look pretty good as well

You may just sit down at one of the chairs without being disturbed by anyone else. The choice of newspapers is pretty solid, at least for German residence. I did not see a single international newspaper, so this offer may not be any interesting for you, if you are not fluent in German. In this case, you may be happy about the free internet. It is running pretty smooth and got a solid speed (most airport lounges offer way worse internet).

Fresh fruits, juice and coffee

Normally, I wouldn’t have had the chance to visit the lounge this time because my connection time was too short. Anyway, I was at least a bit happy that I missed the train, so I could enjoy a little breakfast in the lounge (the breakfast in the ICE train is neither good nor any cheap). There are several dishes offered, so you’ll have a nice choice when waiting for your next train.

My food at the lounge in Munich

My food at the lounge in Munich

I decided to eat some fresh fruits (ask for a fruit salad) and enjoyed an orange juice as well as a cappuccino. Everything was pretty tasty and, at least in my opinion, of a good quality. What I did like as well: They tend to serve any food or drink on “real” plates (I hate getting my food “on plastic”).

A very good overall experience

Usually it is not way more expensive when you book first class in comparison to second class in a German train (calculate with 10 to 50 percent more). With your first class ticket (it doesn’t matter if you paid 20 or 200 euro) you’ll automatic gain access to all lounges on your trip (before and AFTER your ride). The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have booked a long distance train if you want to be eligible for visiting the lounge. In my opinion, the lounge is worth at least 10 euros, when you got longer connection times the worth may be even higher (you’ll get unlimited food and drinks). So if you are thinking about going for a train trip, don’t forget to take a look on the price for first class. It may be worth booking the “better experience” just for the good lounge in Munich.


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  1. My German friend has often talked about the first class service that comes with Deutsche Bahn and I’m not surprised to read your positive review. My friend had recommended that if you are going to travel by train in Germany, it is better to book well in advance as it can be considerably cheaper – even when booking first class, and then you get all the perks like good wifi, decent food and coffee etc. If you are able to book some months in advance it can make your trip considerably less expensive. Ahh those Germans, they love to have a schedule sorted out as soon as possible, ja? Oder?
    Perhaps for many people, Germany is not so romantic a destination as say France or Italy, but it is a country that I have great affection for. Although it is a stereotype, they certainly know how to maintain orderly systems in a way that is unparalleled in either France or Italy. Just compare the highways for example! In Italy it feels like you’re constantly taking your life in your hands hahah. Und Deutsche bier ist das beste im welt!

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