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There are hotels you are always very likely to return to. The Hotel Palace Berlin is one of those. It may not be the hotel with the best facilities in Berlin but in my opinion, it offers a brilliant experience anyway. The staff is extremely nice and makes all your wishes come true. That’s why I’ll always return to the Hotel Palace.

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When we checked-in to the Hotel Palace this time, we were in a hurry. We just arrived from the Berlin Tegel airport and had several arrangements in Frankfurt (Oder).

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: August

As we arrived at eight in the morning, I did not expect them to have a room prepared for us. Anyway, they arranged something for us which was even better than the room we usually get.


Because our “normal” room was not ready yet, they upgraded us to a Club Suite (that’s an upgrade for several categories) that was already cleaned and prepared for the next guest. After we came back after our arrangements, the Welcome Treatment was awaiting us.

This time they surprised us with chocolate, sweets, a bottle of white wine, a bottle of water as well as a history book of Berlin (and all this for a one night stay!).

Where are you “normal guests”?

After our long day we decided to enjoy some silent moments at poolside (it’s opened from 6:30 in the morning till 10 in the evening). Sadly, we were not able to really enjoy our time there because some guests decided to act like they had a private pool just for themselves. There was even guy who was taking photos of his girlfriend with a camera all the time (using flash, taking photos of other guests).

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He was even wearing socks and normal clothes at poolside. The facilities offered are good though (you need to pay an extra-fee for sauna and steam bath) and the staff was kind again. I just wonder why some guest do not know how to act when others are present. Apart from that, you’ll enjoy to have a swim in the decent sized pool after a long day, especially with that “botanic-garden-feeling” the painted wall gives.

No need to leave the room again

After our experience at the SPA, we decided to have dinner in the room that evening. We went for two Caesar Salads which tasted very good in our opinion. Even though the salads did not really have a decent size, we had enough bread to get full. The wine we had (one part of our welcome present) was okay but nothing special. The next morning, we awaited room service breakfast at 7:15 due to other arrangements that day.

The service was a bit late but the breakfast as well as the service were very good. In my opinion, the palace offers the best included in-room breakfast (for Leaders Club guests) in Germany. We got freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fruits, yogurt, rolls, croissants, bread, toast, a selection of ham and cheese and several jams as well as honey. To sum it up: Everything you need to have a perfect start in the day.

Leaving Hotel Palace way too early

What is not so perfect in our opinion is the buffet breakfast offered at the Bon Dia restaurant. We went there many times when we stayed at the Palace before. The service had never been really good, the choice was okay but nothing special. The experience did not step up to the offered in-room breakfast. This time, we had no time to think about the buffet because we had not enough time anyway.

At 8 am, we left our beautiful appointed room (comfy bed, nice bathroom, big couch) and checked-out. Even though we were in a hurry, everything went very smooth. We left our baggage at the hotel and came back many hours later before we departed to the airport.

Feeling home like nowhere else

When we came back, we enjoyed a drink at the bar (it was a present of the hotel) and left the hotel with a smile. Once again, it was a joy in the Palace. The rooms may not be the biggest and may not include only “high-quality” interior but they are furnished very nicely. Everything offered at the Hotel Palace is good or very good (not perfect though). Perfect is something else: It is the service and the good feeling you’ll have staying at the Palace. Nowhere else I’m feeling as home as in the Palace. I’m sure that if you give the Palace a try, you won’t be disappointed. The staff will make you love the hotel, even though there are other hotels in Berlin that offer “more amazing rooms” or a “bigger spa”. At least for me, the overall experience at the palace is somewhat perfect.

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