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There are many ways to discover a city: A sightseeing tour on a bus, selecting the most “important” things to see and follow that route or just start in the center and let yourself drift and see what’s on the way. But I guess the fourth possibility is something one may rarely do: Enjoy a fantastic view over the whole city from one of the highest buildings. That’s exactly what we did in Hamburg.

After we already were high up in the clouds during our flight to Hamburg, I did not care what to see in this city except of one thing I absolutely wanted to do: Visit the “Michel” again (I have been there before about two years ago)! The reasonis simple: With that breathtaking and amazing view, you can discover everything from the air which is worth seeing it anyway.


The first thing we wondered about was whether to go inside the famous “Miniaturwonderland” or not. We decided against it in the end, as it is well-liked by tourists and accordingly crowded. Don’t get me wrong, the continents are amazingly imitated and even mini-planes can be watched while departing and arriving. But I’ve been in there before and Moritz was not that interested in seeing it (definitely worth a visit anyway!).

Starting with possibility 3

Possibility three: Start in the center of the city and see where letting drifting yourself will lead. On our way, we met also unknown, but pretty cool buildings anyway.

I’m sorry we don’t know the exact name of the building which similes a triangle, we just thought it looks really interesting.

Going on with possibility 2

After finally having arrived at the pier, we chose certain things we wanted to see and visit. Of course, the ships passing through were impressive, the waves which resulted from that were funny as well.

The view one might enjoy while standing a bit upwards is pretty nice of well, as you have an overview of almost everything going on. Something which is also worth seeing and interesting is the “Rickmer Rickmers”, a ship which is a museum. You may discover the history of the ship and from time to time different events. A true highlight for me: Most of the things are allowed to be touched. The price for the entrance is really not high.

Rickmer Rickmers

Moreover, the “St. Pauli Landungsbrücken” offer many little touristic shops, perfect for a souvenir. Not to forget to mention the possibility to buy a hotdog or seafood almost everywhere, everything is right next to each other with a lovely view on the river Elbe.


What we enjoyed the most was the lovely atmosphere with the smooth wind and nice weather. I guess we just had luck with it as Hamburg is not known for being a paradise in regard to the weather.


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You may not be familiar with the subtitle, but I think the pictures will give you a clue. Hamburg is known for its “Speicherstadt”, the way ships formerly were loaded and unloaded right in the city. The thing is that the goods arrived right at the space they were going to stay for the next year or how long it was needed to store them at that place, so there was no extra transportation way.

Finishing with possibility 4

As we now saw the most important things and even made a walk along the well-known Reeperbahn, there was just one thing left. And I didn’t have to beg a long time or needed good arguments to convince Moritz to go there: The church St. Michaelis, better known as the “Michel”. Admittedly, it is absolutely nothing special from the outside at all, just like every catholic church in the world. Still, there’s one striking argument for going inside, or better, for going upstairs: The breathtaking view over Hamburg!

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Up there, it can be seen pretty well that the “Elbphilharmonie” probably won’t ever be finished. Nevertheless, the view is more than just impressive.


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  2. Excellent post! It is many, many years since I was in Hamburg and I know the city has been transformed in so many impressive ways. Your post convinces me that a return is urgently needed! Phil.

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