Looking back on week 3

Looking back on week 3

Our third week was filled up with content from all around the world. Our focus was on cities and trains. We got a story about the best part of train travelling in Germany and a review of one of the fastest trains in the world. If you are more likely to read something about cities, we’ll recommend to have a look at our Hamburg experience. Last but not least, we got some nice pictures from our journey to Kuala Lumpur for you!

You love lounges? Then you should maybe think about train travelling as well. Moritz was pretty satisfied when he spent some time in the first class lounge of the Deutsche Bahn in Munich.

See how nice the DB Lounge in Munich is

My food at the lounge in Munich

Being welcomed in a lovely way is always a joy. When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur this weak, the Hotel Majestic prepared some fruits and a special present for us.

Do you like our welcome treatment at Hotel Majestic?

Welcome Treatment

Talking of home. We reviewed Hotel Palace, one of our favourite hotels in Germany. The outstanding service and modern facilities are pretty nice. For us the Hotel Palace is kind of a “second home”.

Have a look on what we like
You just want to see stars? Enjoy our rating!


Okay, Kuala Lumpur is not known for nature at all, but as we like going for a walk anyway, we found the Botanical Garden of the city. It is in a lovely location and offers perfect tranquility.

Come down by seeing the beauty of nature


In Germany, you’ll find a lot of different cities. The northern metropolis Hamburg is a very special one. It got a mediterranean flair and offers some spectacular views on ships passing through.

Is Hamburg a city you maybe want to visit?


Trains, trains, trains. Currently we keep on being “on the rail”. This week we reviewed the first class of the TGV, the well-known French high-speed train.

Satisfying? Read it here!


That’s everything? Not yet! We also got our photo of the week for you. This time we captured an Indian Blue Peafow.

How do you like that bird?

Indian Blue Peafow


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