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Usually, we do love visiting city hotel more than holiday resorts, but some of these tend to be pretty interesting nevertheless. One of the hideaways we’ll definitely visit in the future is the ME Ibiza. The recently opened hotel on the Balearic Islands and is located right at the beachfront. The resort offers several different room types as well as many pools.

When you are thinking of Ibiza, you usually won’t think about a luxury resort. Anyway, the recently opened ME Ibiza is a real landmark of luxury on the “Party Island”. The hotel got five stars and is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. It is operated by the Melia Group, well known for luxury hotels all over Spain and Europe. In total, the ME Ibiza offers 179 rooms and 27 suites.

One of the better rooms at ME Ibiza

One of the better rooms at ME Ibiza (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

The design is pretty modern. All rooms, even the smallest, are filled up with light due to having large windows facing the wonderful gardens or the amazing sea. Due to the nice location, far away from the troubles of life and close to the airport at the same time, the ME Ibiza is easy to reach.

Small rooms with a nice view at ME Ibiza

What may be bothersome for some guests are the small rooms offered in the recently opened resort. The lowest room categories (the bottom five) do only offer 28 square meters. The only differences between the rooms are the style of architecture as well as the view and/or a balcony.

A lower category at ME Ibiza

A lower room category at ME Ibiza (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

The suites, offering more than 50 square meters, start at a price of 300 euros, even in low seasons. Normal rooms are available from 120 euros in low seasons. In summer, you may need to pay double or triple the price. But be aware, you won’t be able to visit the resort in winter. It is closed from October 31 to April 30.

Exclusive and “normal” ambiance

When it comes to food, it is pretty surprising that the hotel does only offer two restaurants. Anyway, both are pretty large and offer space to more than a hundred guests. If you are looking for a “normal priced” restaurant, you’ll have a good time in the “Salt & Sea”, the classic Spanish restaurant located in the ground floor. Looking for more style?

Good view from the restaurant

Good view from the restaurant (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Test “The Rooftop”, a restaurant and bar located on top of the hotel, offering an amazing view on Nikki Bay. But be aware, the prices for food (they do offer maritime style food like seafood or crabs) and drinks are pretty high. If you booked a suite, you may also enjoy your food and drinks at the rooftop pool. This one is exclusive for suite guests and may only be booked by other guests with an extra-charge.

Enjoying life beach- and poolside

While you are at the ME Ibiza, you may decide to spend your time at the pool. There are beaches as well but they are no exclusive property of the hotel, so you won’t be able to get drinks or food there. The ME Ibiza offers two big pools, on of rooftop (the exclusive one for suite guests only) and one on a lower floor. Both are big enough for several people and offer enough loungers and chairs, so you can chill and have a good time. The “non-exclusive” pool got a worse view but will offer you a lot of sunny anyway.

The exclusive rooftop pool

The exclusive rooftop pool (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Food and drinks are available there as well. If you are not only looking for sleeping and chilling in loungers, you may also explore the lovely nature around the hotel. It is located in a large parquet, so you won’t have a bad time when going for a little run or hike. Also, you may drive around the Island of Ibiza with its lovely culture. The ME Ibiza offers you are free rental car when you are booking through the hotels website. Will it be worth? I think so, even though you may need to plan with another 100 euros a day, if you want to really have an “exclusive” experience.

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