Running, loosing and bad seating

At least, Air France managed to rebook us onto a new flight after they had cancelled our first one. The story does still not end at this point. Not only Malaysia Airlines but also Turkish Airlines did their best to make us have a day full of action and misunderstanding. In the very end, we arrived in Munich, but we lost one dear friend on our tour.

The first part of our “failed trip” story was full of fun and interesting experiences. The second part is a little bit more sad, but offers many funny moments as well. So what happened after we were released from Air France? Well, we went to the Malaysia Airlines counter to check-in for our new flight. The paper we got was very interesting but did not offer us a booking code.


Enjoy the first part of our unbelievable story

Due to that, I asked the woman standing in front of the “baggage drop” line to let us through, so we can process our check-in with an agent. She denied and told us several times that we have to use our booking code to check-in at the self-service counter. I tried my best to explain our situation but she did not want to understand us or to lose the discussion with the language barrier.

“Try Check-In with an agent”

As it was hopeless, we went to the self-check-in to try our luck without a booking reference. Surprisingly, it did work with our passports only and we had the chance to check-in. But wait. We are not only going to Istanbul (that was what the check-in computer was offering us). I asked the woman next to the self-check-in computer how we may check-in for our full flight.

On the ground not the most helpful partner: Malaysia Airlines

On the ground not the most helpful partner: Malaysia Airlines

She told us that this was not possible for the system because Turkish Airlines is not a partner (so we had a codeshare flight with a non-partner?). After she had a look for a moment she told us that we may go and see a check-in agent in person to process our check-in.

Time to move back to the woman I discussed with earlier. Luckily, I had the pleasure to see another queue on the other side, so I was able to have a talk with another employee. It took a second and she understood and let us pass through.

“We got 14F and 21F for you”

The Check-In Agent was able to check our baggage through to Munich (we had no time to pick it up as the connection time was only one and a half hour) but was not able to print a boarding pass for the Istanbul – Munich leg. Anyway, we were happy that our baggage was checked-through and asked for two seats next to each other. He had a look for a moment and told us that there were no such seats available.


Seat F is the one in the middle of the middle row

Without any further discussion he handed boarding passes with the seats 14F and 21F over to us. A moment later I checked out the layout of the 777 plane of Malaysia Airlines (check out our Airline Review!) and was very “happy” (not!). F is not only a bad seat, it is the worst. On a 2-5-2 layout it is in the middle of the middle row, so it means you have to step over two other passengers to get out of the row. Such comfort.

“You need to run”

The next part of our journey was kind of boring. We sipped some drinks and waited for another three hours (the MH flight was scheduled later than our original one) and boarded the airplane afterwards. We found a nice guy (Thanks again!) who agreed to switch with me, so we got at least two spots next to each other (F and E). The flight was good (we are going to review this soon), not so the arrival in Istanbul. We were on time but were told to de-board on the tarmac.

Unfortunately, there was no "finger" for our plane.

Unfortunately, there was no “finger” for our plane.

It did not feel like it was taking too long but when we arrived at the terminal we only had 45 minutes left till our next flight departed. We rushed to the TK counter to ask for our boarding passes. After waiting for another five minutes the agent did her best to print the passes as fast as possible and even checked the status of our baggage (nice service TK!). This took another five minutes, so we only had 30 left to get our next plane (talking of departure time, not boarding time). Her last words were: “You need to run”.

No need to hurry

We went through the fast lane and made it to the gates in ten minutes. Yet, there was no need to hurry anymore as the boarding process just started (it was late). We had a seat and reflected for a moment until the final call for boarding was happening. Aboard we were seated on B-seats (3-3 configuration, in the middle again, not next to each other) but were too tired and too busy doing other things, so we did not ask a nice gentlemen to swap seats this.

Freshly squeezed orange juice made our life a bit better

Freshly squeezed orange juice made our life a bit better

The TK-flight was good, too (another review is incoming!). After we arrived in Munich, we were pretty happy that we finally did it and processed happily to the baggage claim.

And it’s gone

It took some time till the first baggage from Istanbul fall out the machine (it was delayed) and took another ten minutes till Sabrina’s bag arrived safely. I was pretty chilled as I had no appointments this day (yet, my friend had to wait outside for an hour or so. Sorry mate!) and did not panic even though nearly everyone had left the baggage area.

Some delay for our baggage

Sadly, we waited not five but 50 minutes

After waiting for another five minutes after the last bag dropped out the machine, I decided that it was time to accept that my little friend did not find his way to Munich. The woman (did I talk with a single man during the whole journey?) was not really competent in helping me but made me write down all necessary information. I asked her where my luggage may be but her answer was rarely any helpful: “I don’t know”.

Will I ever see you again?

She told me that Turkish Airlines (check out our Airline Review!) or their provider will call me “tomorrow”. 24 hours later, there was no call received. 48 hours later, there was no call received (yeah, I checked that my number is correct). Now, exactly 82 hours after my arrival at Munich, there has no call received. I’m not sure if I’ll see my little silver friend ever again but will try to have a funny talk with Turkish Airlines tomorrow.In the end, I’ll most likely get some kind of refund for my stuff, not more not less. All in all, this end was the perfect one for this kind of a story. After this, I’m sure I’ll never forget our experience with Air France. Thanks again my French friends, you made my day a real experience!

Did you ever experience anything like this? Feel free to tell us!


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      • I like that way of looking at it. Funny enough, when I tell travel stories, it’s the ones where things go wrong that I tell – they are funnier, and as long as you keep a good attitude about it, it doesn’t keep you from getting back out on the road!

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  3. “She told us that this was not possible for the system because Turkish Airlines is not a partner”

    This is impossible. As I observed your flight bookings, it is actually a codeshare flight. There are 3 largest airlines alliance and every airlines can only ties up to another if they both belongs to the same group. Turkish Airlines is under Star Alliance while Malaysia airlines is in Oneworld. I guess your booking is all jumbled. Best way to do is to do your check-in to Malaysia Airlines once you reached the airport in Turkey 🙂

    • Hey there,

      yep, I knew that before. I was bewildered why Air France rebooked us on this connection. Yet, MH and TK are partners if they offer codeshare flights. The complete flight was booked on a flight number of TK (MH flight was a codeshare), so it is a must that they provide bording passes for both flights. Otherwise you shouldn’t offer codeshare flights.

      In the end everyting worked out, so nothing to complain about. Anyway, it was a crazy experience 🙂

      • Oohhhh… I see. Yes, you’re right. Maybe Air France agents saw this booking as most convenient for you guys but, I think there’s something wrong with the turkish airlines. Good to hear that everything is settled in the end 🙂 Yep, crazy experience but that whats makes travelling more thrilling 🙂

  4. Sorry about the bag mate, luckily I’ve never had that happen to me yet.
    I was delayed from AMS going back to the UK for 8 hours and ending up flying home via Paris. Doesn’t make any sense, right?
    Oh, and I had a 12 hour delay with MAS when flying from London to KL last year. Lovely.

    • Well, I always feel like these stories are what makes travel so interesting. You’ll never know what will happen before your journey starts and in the very end, all the waiting, rebooking and special itineraries are a funny anecdote you may be able to tell your kids someday 🙂

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