Airline Review: KLM (regional Economy)

It’s not really easy to judge how good a regional flight was. The most European airlines offer a pretty similar level of service. Yet there are some differences. When we were flying with KLM (KL), I really liked the offered food. It was tasty and looked very nice. Everything else was basic, some things were not any good though. Overall, we were not really satisfied with KLM on our domestic flight.

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Sometimes I ask myself why airlines still decide to not use boarding groups. I thought about many different possibilities, but none really made sense in my opinion. Anyway, KLM decided to board in a “whoever comes first, boards first” system.

  • Airplane: Boeing 737-800
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Sandwich (Cheese)
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

As I was not interested in waiting in the finger (it was six o’clock in the morning), we decided to work a little more inside the airport. After most passengers were inside, we packed our staff and boarded.

KLM Boeing 737-800

This is how the 737-800 looked from the inside

Even though we have waited very long , the boarding process was far from being finished. We had to wait for another five minutes to enter the plane. It was not full but not any empty anyway, so just some free seats. Inside the plane everything went smooth.

A little loud and without any entertainment

What also did not make us like the domestic flight too much was the fact that there were neither newspapers nor magazines offered. Not even talking of an in-flight-entertainment or music. I mean, we usually got our stuff with us but it is a good feeling to have a choice of newspapers and magazines anyway.

The only piece of entertainment: A barf bag

The only piece of entertainment: A barf bag

That’s something I really like when flying with Air Berlin or Lufthansa, they got a good choice of papers most times. The flight itself with KLM was okay, the engines of the 737-800 were a little loud but nothing too noisy (thank god I got my Bose Quiet Comfort!).

When food is a positive surprise

As we got up at 6 in the morning and the start of the day worked out to be everything but perfect, we were rarely in the mood to be disappointed for another time. Luckily, catering made us smile for the first time aboard this KLM plane. The service was good and likeable, nothing special though. What was really good was the food.

The sandwich offered did look very cute and seemed to be something special (only local farmers, biological, and so on). I was very happy that it was wholegrain bread (finally an airline sandwich and no wheat bread). What also was good was the offer of drinks free of charge. This may not be anything special but being asked after instantly ordering two drinks for myself if I want another one is pretty nice.

Okay comfort and some delay when flying KLM

The seating comfort while being aboard the Boeing was okay but not really good in my opinion. The seats were made out of fabric (or anything similar), not leather. That was not a problem but the seats were not really comfortable. The seat pitch is comparable to other European domestic airlines but is not as good as on several different planes I flew with lately.

The Seat Pitch was okay

The Seat Pitch was okay

Speaking of punctuality, we have to say that it was not really good, too. The plane departed some minutes late and did not make it to Amsterdam on-time. We had no appointment that early, so we did rarely care. Anyway, KLM on this domestic flight was not as good as I hoped them to be. You do not need to bother flying with them, but you may not choose KLM over any other airline as well when flying domestic.

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9 Comments on “Airline Review: KLM (regional Economy)”

  1. Hi! Can I ask? Where were you flying from? Your photo is an aircraft from KLM Cityhopper, but they only operate on a Fokker or Embrear. Not on a Boeing. And what do you mean by domestic flight? Because KLM/KLC don’t fly domestic, as the Netherlands is such a small country 😉 Bye!

    • Hey Sarah,

      we were flying from Munich to Amsterdam. The pictured Cityhopper was captured on Stuttgart Airport some weeks ago. We do not have any other small KLM plane in our collection, so we decided that this Cityhopper will make its job as well. With domestic we mean flights operated on a short distance. We decided to work with the word domestic (even though it does mean connecting two cities within a single country) for all regional flights, so this may answer you questions. If you got any more, feel free to ask 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply! The word domestic made it a bit confusing. Got it now. Cityhopper indeed flies to Stuttgart and KLM with their Boeings to Munich.

      • Thank you for your valuable feedback! It made us think about our choice to name the short distance flights domestic as it seems to confuse people. We therefore decided to change it into regional, that may be less confusing. Thanks for the input 🙂

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  4. I have flown “domestic” (within Europe) a few times with KLM and I’ve found that their long haul flights are better. I do agree that their food is some of the better fare I’ve had on an airplane, especially the odd time I’ve flown business. Most of my flights have been between Canada and Europe, and I keep flying with KLM (as long as it’s within $100 of other options, which it always has been), mostly because I find Schiphol a great airport, good food and service (with KLM), and the colour blue appeals to me (haha…but seriously…maybe something subliminal?).

    • I see what you mean as we flew with KLM long-haul as well. We had a good but no too amazing experience when flying to KL. Anyway, Schiphol is a great airport as there are thousands of shops and many good seating options (not so in the boarding area). If you are interested, feel free to check out our blog this evening as we will release our KLM long haul review at 8 pm (UTC +1).

      Talking of the color: I see what you mean, I really liked the blue as well 😀

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