3 Days in Austria: Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel

The mountain panorama here in Austria is just awesome.

The first hotel of our little tour is the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel.

This is how our room looks like.

This is how our room looks like.

Read more about our experience at the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel in our Hotel Review!


3 Comments on “3 Days in Austria: Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel”

  1. Nice digs! It certainly is a beautiful area. Have you been to Balzano? That’s a town in the Tirolese area of northern Italy. The locals speak both German and Italian. It’s interesting to hear the two languages being mixed.

    • Yeah it really is beautiful, we like it very much here! No not yet, maybe we will get there one day, who knows? 🙂 Oh I can imaging that, experienced something similar when being in Switzerland.

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