Birthday Special: Hotel Cakes

Sabrina is celebrating her birthday today. Due to that, we had the pleasure to get two big cakes in the hotels we stayed at.

Here is what the Grand Tirolia offered:

Birthday Cake Grand Tirolia

“Alles Gute” means “Happy Birthday” in German

Also the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol showed Sabrina some love:

Birthday Cake Kempsinki Hotel Das Tirol

The fruity choice

We do suffer hard to decide which cake we do like more.

What cake would you prefer on your birthday?


9 Comments on “Birthday Special: Hotel Cakes”

    • No worries, we ate them both though.. We just asked ourselves which one is the “better” one, but I was really happy getting two cakes from the two hotels! Wouldn’t change anything 🙂

  1. Both look wonderful! I love all kind of cakes, specially chocolate 🙂
    In Austria I tried a famous chocolate cake called “sachertorte”, it is great!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Sabrina! I’m really enjoying going through you guys’ wonderful blog! It is literally a travel-crazed girl’s (*ahem… me* :P) dream!
    Look forward to seeing more!

    Choc Chip Uru

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