Hotel Review: The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur is known as one of the best and most historic hotels in Kuala Lumpur. We decided to stay at the Majestic due to good reviews and the membership in The Leading Hotels of the World. We did not regret our choice as several things in the hotel were really nice. However, there is also room for improvement at the Majestic Hotel.

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We were looking forward to our journey to Kuala Lumpur for weeks as it was our first trip to South East Asia.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: September

Moreover, we had the impression that the Majestic Hotel may be one of the best picks of the year as the hotel does offer modern and large rooms, a pool and everything else we need for a very reasonable price. When we arrived at the KLIA, we took the high-speed train (called KLIA express) to KL Sentral.

The entrance of The Majestic Hotel

The entrance of The Majestic Hotel

There, the hotel shuttle (it’s a big bus) was already waiting for us to bring us to the hotel. The drive was very short and our arrival experience was pretty good. Several doorman were waiting. They greeted us nicely and took all our luggage while we were proceeding to the reception. The check-in process was very convenient, too. We were offered an upgrade to a Junior Suite and were brought to the room after some minutes.

Very nice design at The Majestic Hotel KL

The room itself was a real delight. It was big, it was bright and it was furnished very nicely. There were two (I’ve never seen this before) desks, so you could easily work with two people at the same time (an awesome feature for a city holiday).

Besides, there was a large flat screen TV, a comfortable bed, several seating occasions, a dining table and yet enough room to roam around. The bathroom was very modern as well and had a freestanding bathtub, a detached rain shower, a detached toilet as well as two sinks (I’m always wondering why some hotels only put one sink in a bathroom of a double room?).


Everything was very nice but I was wondering why they decided to make the bathroom that open to the room. There was only a glass door (full glass) detaching it from the bedroom and a curtain, so nobody can see you when on toilet or in shower.

Rich food and lovely service

As we were really tired from our long haul flight, we decided to have dinner in the room at the first night (and on the second, as we were tired due to having roamed around all day in KL). We ordered curries (day one) and pizza (day two). The choice on the menu was not that big, so that’s exactly why we went for an Italian dish in Malaysia on the second day. The food itself was really good and what I did especially like: It was rich!

One of the currys we had the first day

One of the curries we had the first day

The very tasty Pizza

The very tasty pizza

After I had ordered room service for like a hundred times in my life, I was very pleased that I was served a salad as well as crackers for free this time. The prizes on the room service menu are okay if you compare them to other luxury hotels, but really high if you compare them to the level of prizes you find in Malaysia (40-80 Ringgit per dish, or something between 12-20 euros).

Special food at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to the food at the restaurants of the hotel, it is not that easy to draw a conclusion. The breakfast was rich as well, they offered European/American things as well as a huge choice of Asian dishes. Eggs were prepared freshly on a so-called “Egg station”.

A choice of breakfast dishes

A choice of breakfast dishes

I missed cut fruits (there were only mangos and something similar) and plain yogurt (there was only fruit yogurt). The food was good though, the service was “nothing special”. What was weird was the fact that you have to use the same cutlery for every dish (a fork with curry on it is not so cool if you are eating pancakes afterwards).

Yet, we tried something else in the restaurants (breakfast was served in Contango, afternoon tea in the Colonial Café). The Afternoon Tea was one of these so-called one-of-a-kind experiences. I know afternoon tea from several European hotels and it was always at least nice but what we got at the Majestic KL (for less than 15 euro per person!) was incredible good. It started with perfect service from the beginning till the end, and went on with unlimited tea (yet, you can’t choose a different tea without paying a lot as an extra fee).

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The best thing, however, was the food. We did only get a huge tray with several sandwiches and sweets, but after we were already full, they also served some hot savories. In my opinion, one of the best food experiences I had in a time. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, be sure to try this afternoon tea (Check out our special about the amazing Afternoon Tea at The Majestic Hotel!).

Fully equipped gym and a large pool

After that, what is more to say about the hotel? Nothing too positive, to be honest. The gym is fully equipped and got a good music system (also there are apples, water and some candy offered) but does not havbe any cool view. The pool is big and has some loungers around it (they are very comfortable) but has one huge disadvantage: It is located on the front of the hotel which means that it is really, really noisy even though the pool is located on the fourth floor.

The large outdoor pool

The large outdoor pool

The fully equipped gym

The fully equipped gym

Be sure to bring your earplugs with you, otherwise you won’t have a good time. This problem was something I have to highly criticize also in terms of the room. Ours was located on the street side (9th floor) and way, way too loud in my opinion. Not only did we hear street noises, we did also hear what is happening in the room next to us (for example the toilet flush) and on the corridor. In a new hotel something like this shouldn’t be the case. Sadly, this kind of ruined our very positive conclusion.

Give The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur a try!

The last words may have sound a bit harsh but I’ll definitely recommend to stay at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur nevertheless. If you opt for a room on the back side of the hotel or in the Majestic Wing (the design there was not our style), you won’t have the problem with the noise. The pool may be okay if you just want to swim and not lounge there.

The luxury shuttle will get you to the city center

The luxury shuttle will get you to the city center

The food in the hotel is good enough to be rated five star and is not too expensive as well. What is amazing is the level of service that made our stay really memorable. Considering that the hotel is not very expensive (if you are lucky, you’ll pay less than 100 euro per night), you should definitely give it a try. The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur won’t disappoint you!

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  1. You seem to be in an awesome location in a great hotel. Great review of place. Also, nice choice on doing room service the first two nights. I find that being able to stay in when I’m tired can definitely help me to recharge. If the food is good at the hotel, even better!

    • The Majestic definitely is worth a visit and the food was very good, too (I was kind of surprised that the pizza had it’s own style and was tasty at the same tiem). Having room service when having a little jetlack is really nice 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Hello! If you have the time, you should come visit Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It has an infinity pool that has a breathtaking view of Singapore’s skyline. Many Singaporeans i know love having staycations at MBS because of its pool.

    Great post btw. 🙂 Really detailed and makes me want to visit KL after my Bangkok trip just to try the hotel.

    • I heard a lot of good things about the MBS in Singapore. I love the pictures of the rooftop pool, that one is just amazing. It definitely is on my itinerary when coming back to SEA. This time we are looking forward to visiting Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore 🙂

      Glad to hear that you liked the post! 🙂

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