Hotel Review: Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel

Hotels in Kitzbühel may be really weird for foreign visitors. The style is very unique. This means that if you are not comfortable with a really traditional and rustic style, you should not visit the little Austrian town. We did it anyway and had an interesting experience at the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel. Sadly, we disliked the room. Apart from that, the hotel is a good place to relax and regenerate.

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When we arrived at the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel, we expected some kind of a warm welcome. Thinking of other stays in Alpine resorts, I am used to be greeted in a lovely manner.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Superior Room
  • Month of Stay: September

In Grand Tirolia that did not happen. The staff of the hotel was pretty cold and checked us in without a smile.

The hotel looked promising from outside

The hotel looked promising from the outside

That disappointment was not the only one as we were not even given a guided tour to our room or the hotel. That’s not really cool when you are at a hotel for the first time and made us ask for the way several times in our approximately 20 hours in the Grand Tirolia. Our first minutes of the hotel were followed by another disappointment: The room.

When the room size is beaten by the balcony

We had booked a Superior room (the second lowest category) but it felt like the lowest. We were told that the size was 28 square meters, but we had the feeling that it was even less because it was so dark in the room.

Considering it was 4 pm when we arrived, it was surprising but as we later recognized our room was located on the northern side, we did not even have a chance to catch some sun. The equipment as well as the coziness of the room were good but the bathroom was another disappointment.

With two persons you were not even able to move across one and another. At least, the bathroom offered a separated toilet as well as a walk-in shower. Yet, there was no bathtub (at a holiday resort?) and only one sink. What was positive though was the balcony which was pretty big (as big as the room itself if you ask me). Sadly, it was way too could (especially without sun) to really use it. Another good thing: As it was the northern side, the room was very calm.

Overall, a very good food experience

As our first hour at the Grand Tirolia did not really make us happy, we hoped for some gastronomic surprises that make us smile again. At first, we were disappointed again. The so called “afternoon snack” was a very little buffet in a not very nice room (cake and all drinks with extra-charge).

The food itself was good

The service was horrible and only the good quality of the food was favorable. Anyway, we did not give up hoping for good things and got them when having dinner. The dinner at the hotel restaurant consisted of four courses (you may choose between four-six dishes for every course) and was very tasty.

We did like every dish even though Sabrina felt like the noodles were nothing special. The service was very good, our table was average (they could have offered us another one as the restaurant was quite empty).

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The breakfast was very good, too. We enjoyed the little buffet which offered a lot for its size. Apart from the huge selection you can choose from the buffet (including champagne), the hotel offered á la carte dishes that were served by the table. You have the choice between several egg dishes and sweet delight like pancakes.

Cappuccino and other hot drinks were also served by the table and were refilled regularly. The quality of the food was outstanding as the taste was. The seating this day was way better. As it was moreover Sabrina’s birthday, they offered us a lovely cake and a nicely decorated table. Overall, the breakfast was a very, very good experience.

Great Spa at the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel

Another very good thing was the Spa at the Grand Tirolia hotel. As a hotel guest you were able to use the gym (two levels) as well as the pools and the sauna area free of charge. Considering that the hotel is not really big there were a lot of lounges and an excluded tranquility room where mobile phones and other devices were forbidden. In that room the hotel also offers a fire place which makes it very cozy.

A lot of room for relaxation

A lot of room for relaxation

The hotel does moreover offer a wide range of different saunas, a steam bath and much more. They provide you with many towels and offer water and soft drinks (they were gone when we were at the Spa) free of charge. The pools are big (indoor and outdoor) and have a good temperature to either enjoy swimming or just chilling.

The hot indoor pool

The hot indoor pool

A nice outdoor pool

A nice outdoor pool

If it’s warm enough you are also able to lounge in the area around the outdoor pool, which was no option when we were at the hotel. What was very positive in my opinion were also the reasonable prices for Spa treatments, starting at something like 30 euros. Moreover, the hotels offers guest a 20 euro Spa Voucher when arriving.

Will we come back to the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel?

Well, it’s not easy to answer the question whether we will come back to the Grand Tirolia or not. The food experience was very good (avoid the afternoon snack), the Spa was outstanding. What we disliked was the cold service (I have to mention that three employees were very friendly and kind!) of the most employees. Also our room was a disaster for a holiday resort.

Farewell view of the golf course

Farewell view of the golf course

Anyway, we have to say that the hotel does offer really nice rooms starting from the Deluxe Room (we had a look). These are way bigger (doubling the size of ours) and have a great and very big bathroom. Besides, they are on the “good” side, offering a lot of sun on the balcony. All in all, we can recommend the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel when they offer good prices. The value for the money was very decent when we were there in summer, it may be a little worse in winter as the hotel is way more expensive then.

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