Looking back on week 6

Looking Back

Another week is over. That does mean that it is time for our look back on the last days. Even though we were very busy with moving to a new flat, we are delighted to see that our loyal followers keep checking out our content. Thank you a lot!

If there was anything that “dominated” that week, it was hotel content.

Our first piece was a review of the amazing Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur!

Have a look at our rating, too!

The living room

As we are not only thinking about the past, we also released a preview of The Square Nine Hotel in Belgrade.

(Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World / lhw.com)

(Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World / lhw.com

There are some cities which are a must for every traveller. In our opnion, Kuala Lumpur is one of these.

Green in the city

You love enjoying some time in a SPA? Check out our review of the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel!

The big outdoor pool

You do enjoy a cruise more? Then you’ll like our photo of the week!

Queen Mary

That’s all we released this week. We hope you liked our content pieces and we’d love to see you visiting our blog again next week. There is a lot of content coming up and we’ll be happy to have more time to focus on our beloved writing pieces. If you got any questions or want to tell us which content pieces you like the most, feel free to contact us or to comment this post!

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