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When I tell you we flew with KLM, you probably know where we stopped first: Schiphol, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Which is kind of tough at about 8 am after a night with only two hours of sleep (flight in the morning, transfer way, time to spend on the airport before departure). Anyways, our day in Amsterdam was pretty interesting!

Second stop, logically though: Amsterdam Centraal, the central station of the capital of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Centraal Station

Facade of the station

After we got out of the huge building with a Starbucks coffee, we saw another building with funny letters on it:


I know it’s nothing special or characteristic, but we found it funny anyway as it is so similar to our blogname.

What Amsterdam is most famous for

It doesn’t take long before you notice one thing when roaming through this city: A thing called Grachten. They’re like canals which can be seen on every corner.

This is nice when you want to make a short break of the city tour or to have a coffee. You can imagine that there are many cafés right next to them, which gives Amsterdam somewhat a Mediterranean feeling.

okay, this is not a café, but in this style

okay, this is not a café, but in this style

Just like the Grachten are most of the streets, all in all small. On our way through them, we found some very curios things like the Sex Museum, but also cute little things like a hot dog stand or something called Russian Treasures.

Museums over museums in Amsterdam

Our plan was to go inside of the Anne Frank Huis (Anne Frank House in English).

anne frank huis

Nevertheless, there was one deciding reason why we decided against it in the very end:

This is even just a part of it, not to speak from an end!

This is even just a part of it, not to speak from an end!

I guess you can understand us now.

Choosing the Cheese Museum Amsterdam

In the very end, our choice was the Cheese Museum instead, which was just too cute (we’ll have a special about it later this week). Of course, there were many more possibilities, Madame Tussauds is one to name. But if you’ve been to one before, you usually lose the interest in seeing even more wax figures.

From the outside

From the outside

As this was just a connecting flight and so a stopover day, we didn’t have that much time. But to be quite honest, I did have enough time in this city and have seen most of the important sights and “tasted” the flair of the city.

Go to lovely Amsterdam!

So, Amsterdam is a city with its very own style, especially the Grachten are unique. And if you are lucky with the weather (it can be very cold and rainy in Amsterdam), you’ll enjoy the city even more!


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  1. Amsterdam is awesome! The Anne Frank house was also busy when we went. We promptly walked in the other direction and returned early the next morning to get in line. It’s worth it if you ever have the chance to go.

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