Special: Amsterdam Cheese Museum

Gouda, Emmentaler, Mozzarella, … sounds like music in your ears? If you can answer this with a huge “yes”, the cheese museum in Amsterdam with a shop may be like paradise for you!

When we visited Amsterdam and didn’t want to wait a very long time in a queue before being able to enter the Anne Frank Huis and had already seen many wax figures, we went for something smaller, not that famous: The Cheese Museum!

Entrance Cheese Museum

In the museum itself, which is located downstairs and where the entrance is for free (!), you will learn in a pretty vivid way the fixings in cheese, logically about the cheese-making process itself and so on.

If you enjoyed the little museum, you can give a donation to support it and to value it. I said it before, it’s for free so I think it’s actually a good think and definitely not asked too much.

Donation Box

Getting upstairs again, you’ll have the possibility to buy every cheese creation and invention in the shop. And believe me, you’ll see things/cheeses you’ve never seen ever before. Not sure about that yet? Have a look at the gallery!

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There’s not only special cheese, but also every thinkable product about it.

So if you’re interested in it, I can definitely recommend a visit, it’s worth the money (just joking)!


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