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An interesting decision for the location of a Kempinski hotel: While all other Kempinski hotels are located in or at least around the city center, the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol can be found in the little village of Jochberg. In our opinion, this was a very good decision, as the hotel is calmer than others of this chain and offers a spectacular overall experience.

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Kitzbühel is a very unique place when it comes to hotels. There are many four star retreats and at least some five star hotels. The Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol is located ten minutes away from Kitzbühel and due to that, it is the only resort which offers direct and instant access to a ski lift.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Family Suite
  • Month of Stay: September

Nevertheless, the hotel only offers this advantage in winter, as the lift is not in use in summer. Anyway, the hotel did satisfy us in every regard.

Welcome Treatment at Kempinski Das Tirol

Welcome Treatment at the Kempinski Das Tirol

The architecture is amazing, so is the classic interior which fits perfectly into the scheme of the Alps. When we arrived, the management offered us a lovely upgrade to a Family Suite (when you are arriving with two people that’s at least a bit weird).

The welcome overall was a pleasure as everybody was kind and helpful. Moreover, we got a little tour through the hotel which was pleasant as well.

Traditional design is of importance at the Kemspinki Hotel Das Tirol

We had a real “wow feeling” when entering the room as it was separated into three different rooms. The living room of the suite offered a lot of space, so did the two bedrooms. There was a separated toilet as well as a bathroom for guests (or children).

The main bathroom was located in the “parents” bedroom and was more or less open (curtained). You were able to enjoy a shower or a bath with sunlight or watch TV if you hadn’t closed the curtain, so it was pretty convenient all in all. As a welcome treatment, we were offered a big cake (Sabrina had birthday), some fruits and another small piece of cake. Also, there was a large bottle of water with compliments of the hotel.

Sabrinas Cake

Sabrina’s Cake

The mini bar of the suite wasn’t for free, but coffee and tea making (Nespresso) were. The interior was classic as well as modern and did fit perfectly in our opinion. The balcony was of a very nice size as well and offered a fantastic view over a mountain panorama.

Swimming in the pools, sleeping in the beds

When we entered the SPA area, we were happy right from the beginning. There were several loungers (normal ones and shell like ones) and two big pools (actually, there are three but it needs some time to find the third one). We instantly went for a swim in the outdoor pool (you can enter it from the inside area), which was heated to 32 degrees. Swimming there was a real joy as you were able to watch the panorama of the Alps on every lag.

Indoor Pool (31 degrees)

Indoor Pool (31 degrees)

Outdoor Pool (32 degrees)

Outdoor Pool (32 degrees)

The indoor pool is one degree colder and has some whirlpool facilities, but was nothing special in my opinion. The third pool is in the outside area as well and is a little warmer than the other ones (a so-called “Sole Bad”). But to be honest, the pools are not the thing that made us love this spa. It were the sauna facilities in the “nude area”.


There were four saunas, a steam bath and a hell lot of loungers, beds and other facilities that were just so inviting that you may instantly fall asleep in the spa. Overall, we feel like this is one of the best Spa areas in Austria and maybe in Europe. So, if you are close to Kitzbühel, definitely check out the Spa.

High level breakfast and good dinner

As we did not book half board when being at the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol, we decided to have dinner in the room. What we disliked was the fact that you had to pay a 10 euro fee for room service orders.

Sabrina decided to have a Risotto

Sabrina decided to have a Risotto

The burger was the better choice

The burger was the better choice

Anyway, the prices for food are at least okay for this level of gastronomy. The quality was really high, the taste pretty good. The risotto ordered by Sabrina had a decent size, the Hamburger I had was very big and came with lots of potatoes. The dinner itself was a good experience but it was not as good as the breakfast we had the next day. When we found the breakfast room (that was not that easy!), we were shown around in the breakfast area.

We loved the Bircher Müsli

We loved the Bircher Muesli

The products were mostly local and did taste brilliant. There was a hell lot of choice, for example several fruits, mueslis, homemade marmalade, breads, rolls, yoghurts and hot dishes. Eggs were prepared either à la carte or at a live cooking station (we were even asked if the eggs did taste good when we left).

The eggs are served by order

The eggs are served by order

The choice of drinks was a real pleasure, too. Apart from water, there were lots of juices (some special combinations) which were all freshly squeezed. We also decided to have a glass of the offered champagne and ordered hot drinks à la carte. Overall, we did not miss a thing on this buffet (there was even an Asian corner) and did really like the fast and kind service.

No late check-out and a nice farewell

Sadly, we did not get a late check-out, even though they recognized our Leaders Club number. The room has already been booked for the next night, so there was nothing to yell about. Instead, they offered us to enjoy another day in the spa, what we accepted.

Tough to say goodbye to such a panorama

Tough to say goodbye to such a panorama

After two or three hours, we left the lovely area again to travel further on a tour. The car, which has been parked for free (if you tell them to park it on the parking lot, not in the garage), was driven up in seconds, the baggage was already loaded. As a farewell gift, we were offered two little bottles of water (nothing special but a nice gesture anyway).

We’ll be back at the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol for sure

All in all, our stay was a real joy. Our room was nice, the food was very, very good and the spa area is outstanding. The service was very good from the beginning to the end. I would definitely recommend visiting the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol but be aware: The prices in winter are very high, yet the hotel should be worth the money if you love skiing and luxury hotels. If you are travelling on a more limited budget, you may consider staying here in summer as we did. The prices are a little lower in the four months in summer (it is closed between the summer and the winter season), so you may enjoy some amazing days with a decent value for the money.

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