Special: Afternoon Tea at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Usually we are not too crazy about food, but when we had Afternoon Tea at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, we were really flashed. Only few things I’ve eaten before had such an incredible good value for the money and were that tasty as what we enjoyed in Kuala Lumpur.

On our journeys around the world, we’ve learned one thing for sure: Nothing is perfect. Same goes for the Afternoon Tea we had at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Review / Rating). When we arrived, the staff did not find our reservation, so it was kind of an awkward feeling in the beginning.

Lovely little table

Lovely little table

Yet, it was handled very professional and we got a table anyway, even though the restaurant was very full. The location of the table may not have been the best, but we loved the decoration and the classic crockery.

Top-notch service on all levels

After waiting for just a minute, we were asked if we’d like to get more information about the Afternoon Tea. We did and got a very nice explanation of what’s coming and when it’s coming. Moreover, we were welcomed by hot tea served with sugar and milk (very British).

Such an incredible choice

Such an incredible choice

At first, we were sure that we would only get one can or maybe only one cup of tea but this turned out to be wrong. Whenever we drunk a little bit, a waiter was close to fill up our cup. The speed and effectiveness of the service was admirable. I’m sure we had at least ten cups of tea in our two hours at the Colonial Café.

A huge tray with a lot of amazing food

We had to wait approximately 15 minutes for the food, yet it was worth waiting. The tray which was brought to our table was huge and looked amazing. There were three levels.

On the lowest we found several sandwiches, on the middle level there were scones, jam and butter and on the top there were five sweet temptations. We started on the bottom and finished top.

Several different sandwiches

Several different sandwiches

We loved the "little cakes"

We loved the “little cakes”

Everything was very good, yet we had some favorites: We loved the normal sandwiches with toast, also we fell in love with some of the chocolate temptations. But as tastes are different: You definitely need to try everything!

Being surprised by hot savories 

Okay, it should not have been a surprise as we were told what we will get, but we already forgot what were told in the beginning as the food was taking our attention. So, we were really flashed when being served a little box with even more food. As we had eaten everything on the tray, we were full, but we also had to try the hot savories.

Little surprise at the end of our Afternoon Tea

Little surprise at the end of our Afternoon Tea

It was very interesting that they served savories afterwards, as we didn’t expect non-sweet things after all the chocolate temptations. Even though that was kind of weird, we did like the savories as well. They were tasty and complemented our perfect Afternoon Tea.

All of this for just 48 Ringgit (~12 euros, ~15 dollar)

What really surprised us was not only the good food and the high level of service, but the prize. We did eat at The Majestic Hotel before and paid around 50 Ringgit for a main dish, so we expected the Afternoon Tea to be way more expensive. But it appeared to be not. It was only charged with 48 Ringgit (~12 euros, ~15 dollar) per person which, in our opinion, is a brilliant prize, even though Malaysia is not expensive in terms of food. So, if you visit Kuala Lumpur , be sure to try the Afternoon Tea at The Majestic Hotel (you may also be interested in having a look at our city review of KL). What flashes us in terms of food must be something really special!


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  2. Kinda hard to believe the ridiculously low price after all the gorgeous photos… something like that in Melbourne sets you back around AUD$50-$80 depending on where you go… crazy!

    Those cakes though… they look too beautiful to eat!

    • That was my first thought as well. The prices in Germany and Europe are actually the same as in Melbourne. It was even more crazy thinking about the other prices in the hotel. We paid 45 ringgit just for a pizza and then this price for the amazing afternoon tea. Unbelievable.

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    • I’m not the biggest “scone fan” but I had the impression that they were really tasty even though they do not really look alike 🙂

      • Oh OK. I’m a huge scone fan, but unfortunately, it’s nigh impossible to find scones actually worth their name in Japan. Would love to try those & see for myself how they live up!

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  6. It’s nice to know you enjoyed them. I’m checking them out next time. I love how you shared the entire dining experience. Next time you visit KL again, let me know. I’ll take you guys around. I know you said that you’re not so much of a food person, but it’s what’s Malaysia offers best. And food is what I’m good with. LOL.

    • Thanks a lot for the offer! If I’ll have the pleasure to be in KL again, I’ll definitely go for a good tour with you. Sounds like an amazing experience 🙂

    Looking forward to other cities review.. muahhh

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