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Saalbach-Hinterglemm in Austria does rarely look like a village that hosts a five star hotel. Yet, the Alpine Palace Hinterglemm decided to try the luxury path and made the hotel a real top-notch hotel. The building itself is new, the rooms are furnished in a modern and classic style at the same time and the flair is pretty “rustic”. If you like that, you’ll love the Alpine Palace, if not, you’ll have some problems.

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When we arrived in Hinterglemm, we had one severe problem: How the hell do we reach this hotel? Our navigation system told us to take a road that was closed (pedestrian zone), the other route we tried led us to another pedestrian zone.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: September

After some minutes driving around, I decided to ask a local resident how to get to the Alpine Palace. He told us that we would have to drive through an underground car park to get to the hotel (that’s weird, isn’t it?).


Anyway, we made it to the hotel and parked our car in front (there is no real driveway) of the building. As nobody came out, we decided to just go in and left our car (and the baggage) where it was.

At first, the woman at the reception didn’t seem very motivated, but after we told her that we wanted to check-in, the ice was broken (I had the feeling that she didn’t expect us to stay in a five-star hotel).

Some sparkling wine and no house tour

We were offered some sparkling wine at the reception while the woman explained the procedure to us.

During Check-in

It took us two or three minutes till check-in was done. As we were not given a house tour, they proposed us to sit down for a minute before going to our room (to finish our glass of sparkling wine). We had no problems finding it though, as the hotel is not very big. The room itself (a Junior Suite) was very interesting and had a big open bathroom, which did not offer any daylight.

The bedroom was of a decent size, so was the balcony. The style of the furniture was very interesting, but not really what we like (too many weird items that did not fit in our opinion). The bed was a little small and separated into two single beds that were moved together (that was really awkward).

Apart from that, the room offered everything you need. Also, there were two bottles of water, some fruits and chocolate awaiting us.

Welcome Treatment

What we did really like in the room was something else though: The big garderobe which was more like a dressing room.


Rushing through the Spa

Sadly, we did arrive from Kitzbühel a little late and had to work for two or three hours when we arrived in Hinterglemm. Due to that, we did not have much time to check out the big Spa area this time. Yet, we tried everything and were deeply satisfied. The indoor pool and the outdoor pool are both not very big but offer a nice temperature and a beautiful style.

The whirlpool offered is very big and has a good temperature as well. What we especially liked was the tower sauna that also offered some loungers in an extra room.


The big sauna and steam bath area was located in the inside of the Spa and was very huge. There were apples, tea and water offered, so you can enjoy a very good time in the Spa. As we were at the Spa very late (7:30 pm), we were the only guests present.

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Anyway, we had the feeling that the area would not have been too crowded if there were more people, because the hotel offers several different rooms with lots of loungers, so you’ll have enough space to enjoy some privacy while having a rest.

Getting a bad table and good food

When it comes to dinner, we had the feeling that we were cursed this holiday. At the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel, we got an “okay”, but not really good table, and here in Hinterglemm, we were offered the by far worst table in the restaurant. I didn’t really recognize this at first but after the first dish, I decided to ask for another table because the table we got was windy, everybody rushed past and there was even a work station of the staff directly behind us. The second table we got was way better though, so nothing to say about this. The food itself was very good, but the main dish (fish) was a little boring in my opinion.

The choice was huge, so was the number of dishes. After two hours, we left the restaurant pretty full and were able to look back on a good dinner with a good service (you have to like the familiar atmosphere though). What was very positive in my opinion were the prizes of drinks. For example: One liter of water was prized 6 euros and 50 cent.

Nice breakfast at the Alpine Palace Hinterglemm

The breakfast on the next morning was of a high quality as well.

The choice of food was big, the cooking station was able to prepare fresh eggs and sweet dishes for you. We were served fresh orange juice, coffee and tea by the table. The quality of the food was very high and we didn’t miss a single item. The level of service was okay but not really good this time. They were very slow in some moments and didn’t get us new cutlery after they took the used one. Some other things, like the coffee machine in the center of the breakfast room (the staff always made the coffee there) were weird but nothing was really a problem for us.

Horrible check-out times at the Alpine Palace

What kind of made our experience at the Alpine Palace a little worse was the fact that we had to check out at 11 am. In my opinion, it is a shame that you have to leave a holiday resort that early, especially when considering that check-in for the next guest is at 4 pm. As we were not granted late check-out and knew that we had to do a lot of stuff at home (we are moving to a new flat), we decided to leave the hotel at 11. The check-out was efficient but not really friendly in my opinion. That made us leave with a mixed feeling about the hotel. There were many good points, but I’m actually not sure if we will return to the Alpine Palace.

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