Special: Bird Park Kuala Lumpur

Even though this may not be a world-famous tourist attraction, it is the world’s largest walk-in bird park: The bird park in Kuala Lumpur (yeah I know, we experienced pretty much in the capital of Malaysia! – Feel free to have a look at our city review).


If you’re interested in seeing some pretty rare and exotic birds, a bird park always is a good choice. If it’s on top one of the biggest of the world, it is even better, as the amount of birds is higher this way. But if it’s the world’s largest, you hardly can do anything wrong with it.

The only thing you have to do when being in KL is to pay a few Ringgit (100 for a couple) for entrance and after it, not feed any bird. Apart from that, you can fully enjoy the experience!

One bird I totally fall in love with was this one: the Indian Blue Peafow.

Okay, I have to admit that I annoyed Moritz a bit with it, as I took a picture of it wherever I could and as often as I could (even if I already had a thousand pics of it by now). I hope you can understand the reason: the beauty of this ostrich.

Behind a waterfall

When we went on through the big park, there was another thing which fascinated us and was very cool. The path led behind a waterfall, which looked like this.

Behind a waterfall

Pretty nice from the other side as well, I think I’ll be a bird in my next life!


The storks there also have a pretty nice life, especially getting feed like this!

Moreoever, they had enough space to take off and to spend some time in water, which is everything they need I guess.

The inhabitants of this artificial living area are too many and are too complex to write about and describe them all, here are a few more photos. But I think it’s best to convince yourself whenever you have the chance to do so, it’s really worth it!

Last but not least, here’s something I call “Facial collection”. The coolest thing ever is the red parrot, but that’s just my opinion. Nevertheless, they’re all beautiful!

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  1. Hey there
    Awesome post !!! Funnny part is we have to spend some time in KL to finalize our MM2H visa, we LOVE birds and we hadn’t even seen or heard about this place !! Thanks fro sharing ; look forward to following your blog. Where do you guys live and what do you do for funding your trips? Are you independently wealthy like us ? lol. just kidding (about us)

    • Hey, nice to hear that you like our posts 🙂

      We are currently living in a city close to the German capital Berlin and work in the field of texting (f.e. website content, news, advertisement). Apart from that we are both students (I’m doing my Master studies, Sabrina is aiming for a Bachelor). We mostly save everything we can save in terms of money when we are at home. That’s how it is possible for us to do some awesome trips over the year. Good deals for flights and hotels are another reason 😉

    • Umm.. It’s not that I’m not informed, but that’s how the bird park in Kuala Lumpur was advertising itself on the entrance (and everywhere else where posters hang). I just believed them, why shouldn’t I? I hope you’re not offended though 😉

    • Hallo Alois, vielen lieben Dank! Absolut verständlich, insbesondere, wenn man die Südsteiermark vor der Haustür hat – tolle Galerie!
      Lg Sabrina

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