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When you are thinking about skiing in Europe, you’ll most likely think about the Alps or the countries Switzerland and Austria. But there is more: Even in the little country of Andorra, a luxury hotel is trying to attract skiing guests. The recently renovated Sport Hotel Hermitage greets its guests with a package full of luxury, recreation and action.

As one of the smallest countries in Europe and even in the world, Andorra is rarely known for its impressive skiing opportunities. Yet, the good location in the Pyrenees makes it possible that guests of the Sport Hotel Hermitage in Soldeu are able to enjoy a winter wonderland.

Winter wonderland in Andorra (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Winter wonderland in Andorra (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Talking about the location, it needs to be mentioned that the hotel is far away from a big airport. Andorra itself does not have a single one which means that guests have to fly either to Toulouse or to Barcelona – not the most common destinations for a skiing trip.

Contemporary design at Sport Hotel Hermitage

The Sport Hotel Hermitage was recently renovated, which means that every room is very spacious as well as modern. There is no category lower than a junior suite, offering luxury on more than 40 square meters. The design fits perfectly into the “chalet style” which is more common in Switzerland. Fireplaces all around the hotel and also in some rooms add some coziness to the experience at the Sport Hotel Hermitage.

Junior Suite at Sport Hotel Hermitage (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Junior Suite at Sport Hotel Hermitage (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

As the hotel in Andorra is very family friendly, it is possible to occupy a room with a maximum of four people. Guests who are searching for a bit more luxury or space than in a Junior Suite may also book a premium suite or even a luxurious suite. Anyway, all rooms do offer spectacular views over the mountain, so there is not much you can do wrong when booking a room.

Michelin gastronomy all year

Looking for good food in Andorra? You’ll definitely be at the right place at the Sport Hotel Hermitage. There are two chefs with a Michelin star, both working for the hotel. Nandu Jubany is delighting the guests in winter times, Carlos Gaig is showing his creations in summer. Guests may choose one of five restaurants for either lunch or dinner. Restaurant “Origen” offers a broad range of different dishes and is the main restaurant of the hotel.

High quality food in Andorra (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

High quality food in Andorra (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

At restaurant “Arrels”, guests may enjoy traditional cuisine. Not to forget the “Glassbar 1.850” offering fusion cuisine and “The Villager Tapas & Wine”, the most informal choice to enjoy some excellent food. Moreover, the hotel has a restaurant located at the foot of the slopes. This one even offers a panoramic terrace.

Luxury hotel with a luxury Spa on five floors

While some hotels are focusing on skiing only offer a little spa or solely a pool, the Sport Hotel Hermitage offers one of the largest and most modern Spas in whole Europe. The area is separated into five different floors and offers many different pools. Overall, guests may enjoy themselves on an area of 5.000 square meters in total.

5000 square meters of recreation

5000 square meters for recreation (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Apart from just swimming, lounging or enjoying the saunas and steam baths, guests may also book a massage or any other Spa treatment. At the Sport Hotel Hermitage is every choice of wellbeing available – either after a long day on the slopes or a nice hike through the mountains.

Decent prices at Sport Hotel Hermitage

As always with quality, you need to pay a lot to enjoy it to the utmost. Anyway, the room only rate (including the large breakfast buffet) starts at fair 200 euros a night. This price is usually only available in summer, spring or fall. In winter times, the rates are normally starting at 300 euros. Sometimes you may catch a special offer that brings down the price to a little under 300 euros if you want to enjoy the beautiful slopes in Andorra.

Luxury has its price (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Luxury SPA at Sport Hotel Hermitage (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Before booking you should not forget about the fact that the hotel is located at an altitude of 1.800 meters in a foreclosed area. That means that you most likely have to pay for dinner and treatments at the hotel as well. That may boost the price to at least 300 euro a night. Anyway, I’ll definitely have a try when I’m in Barcelona for the next time. The Sport Hotel Hermitage looks very promising!

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