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In the growing market of air traffic in South-East-Asia, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport strengthened its position by upgrading the facilities with a second terminal. The first one is used for the flagship carrier and most ordinary airlines, KLIA 2 is a so-called Low-Cost-Carrier Terminal. Check out our guide of the airport to learn more about the facilities provided.

While most airports in Europe were opened 30, 40 or even 50 years ago, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is way newer. It was opened in 1998 and grew from year to year. Nowadays, close to 50 million passengers depart and arrive at KLIA every year. The airport we want to guide you through is used as the major hub by Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Air Asia X, Malindo Air and the Cargo Department of MAS.

On the ground not the most helpful partner: Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the major carrier at KLIA

The airport got three runways and may be used for landings and departures 24 hours a day. Since the upgrade that was finished in May 2014, the airport got two terminals. KLIA is used by the “more expensive” carriers, KLIA 2 is known to be the LCCT (Low-Cost-Carrier Terminal).

  • Airlines departing from KLIA: Malaysia Airlines, oneworld-, Star Alliance and SkyTeam-airlines and all other non-low-cost-carriers
  • Airlines departing from KLIA 2: Air Asia, Air Asia X and all other low-cost-carriers

Shopping and eating at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Both terminals of KLIA are pretty huge. That means guests may enjoy a huge range of different restaurants at the terminals. There are several international companies present, but some restaurants still serve traditional Malay food. At the major terminal, there is a satellite connected to the terminal. Most international air traffic is handled in this satellite.

The Chocolate Wheel in one of the stores at KLIA

Chocolate Wheel in one of the stores at KLIA

Guests shouldn’t worry when entering the train, also in the satellite there are many dining options and shops that sell drinks and food. This Airport Guide promises to you: You won’t dehydrate or starve at KLIA – regardless of departing from KLIA 1, the satellite or KLIA 2.

Check out this page to get an overview of the food offered at KLIA

Sleeping in capsules at KLIA

Okay, that may sound weird and not really like an airport hotel but when it comes to relaxation, guests should have a look at the so-called Capsule Hotel. What does it offer? Shared but at the same time luxurious and clean bathrooms and sleeping capsules for guests. These are small but provided with everything you may need for a short night at the terminal.

The Capsule Hotel at KLIA (Image Source: KLIA /

Capsule Hotel at KLIA (Image Source: KLIA /

If you opt for a more luxurious alternative, there are four other hotels at the airport as well. At KLIA you may spend your night at the Concorde Inn, the Sama-Sama Express or the Sama-Sama Hotel. At KLIA 2 you can find the Tune Hotel, offering a basic luxury experience with a revolutionary model. You may also spend your night in one of the other hotels when arriving at KLIA 2.

If you are not looking for sleep, you may also enjoy one of the several airline lounges (all major alliances got a lounge at KLIA 1), the Reflexology & Massage Center (KLIA 1), the Wellness Spa (KLIA 2) or one of the Rest N Go chairs provided throughout the airport.

The Relexeology and Massage Center at KLIA (Image Source: KLIA /

Relexeology and Massage Center at KLIA (Image Source: KLIA /

Also, the WiFi provided at KLIA is complimentary for every guest. There is no time limit, so you may enjoy the WiFi connection the whole time you are at KLIA. Luggage storage is also availabe at both terminals.

Update 15th of July 2015:

With the opening of “Snooze KL” there is yet another option for stretching out and relaxing at KLIA. 

From KLIA to the center in less than 30 minutes

Neither KLIA 1 nor KLIA 2 are located close to the city center. Due to that, the government decided to build a high-speed train which connects the new central station with both airports. The journey takes only 28 minutes (a little more from KLIA 2) and costs 35 RM One-Way (70 RM Return). If you are looking for a cheaper solution, you may take one of the buses.

The KLIA Ekspress is not only fast but also pretty modern (Image Source: KLIA /

KLIA Ekspres is not only fast, but also pretty modern (Image Source: KLIA /

The Express Coach takes an hour from KLIA to the city center and costs 10 RM One-Way (18 RM Return). Moreover, there are several other coaches available. These go to different locations in and around KLIA and may be a little cheaper than the Express Coach depending on the location you want to go to.

Passengers that have higher standards may take advantage of the taxi services offered. There are two different types: Budget Taxis (3 RM for the first kilometer, 0,1 RM for each consequent 115 meters) and Executive Taxis (6 RM for the first kilometer, 0,2 RM for each consequent 150 meters). Apart from that, there are several shuttle services offered.

Luxurious Taxis are more expensive in Kuala Lumpur (Image Source: KLIA /

Luxurious Taxis are more expensive in Kuala Lumpur (Image Source: KLIA /

Moreover, there is parking available for passengers who arrive by car. Short-term parking is available starting with 4 RM per hour, long-term parking is available for 144 RM (four days) and 15 RM for every following day. All important car rental services do have an office at KLIA.

Get more information on transport at KLIA:

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  2. A few times landed in took off from KLIA i’ve just known about the capsule hotel. Well, during my transit or waiting time in KLIA 1 & 2 I only sat in the boarding room.
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    • Thank you very much! The waiting area at KLIA is pretty nice as well, so there is no need to pay for a hotel or anything like this if you don’t have to wait too long 🙂

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