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Switzerland is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not very surprisingly, its cities are in no way inferior to the landscape! We had the pleasure to visit the city of Bern, capital of Switzerland, and were thrilled.

Probably the very last sunny day of the year, the historic old city appeared even more stunning.

However, our way led us first to the famous BearPark Bern. Nowadays, the bears live in very appropriate conditions, especially in comparison to the „old“ one, which you can see here.

Unfortunately, we were only able to see just one bear, but it seems to be happy – okay, that’s not difficult in a living area like this!

Nydeggkirche and Nydeggbrücke in Bern

On our way back, we noticed a sign which told us that we were going over the „Nydeggbrücke“. Gosh, didn’t realise it at all the way there. Actually and pretty obvious, you can hardly oversee it due to the „Nydeggkirche“. The history of the Nydeggkirche in Bern goes back to the 12th century.

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Admittedly, we are anything but religious. We don’t judge anyone who is, don’t get me wrong. And we do respect everything that has to do with religion and culture (how couldn’t I, being a cultural studies student). Honestly, even we were impressed by the significant churches we saw by accident.

Impressed by the religious buildings in Bern

The second one I want to mention is the Zytglogge. Here are a few impressions. You will find it in the historic city center.

Probably the most famous one, the „Berner Muenster“, overhangs the city. You can see its full beauty when you have the chance to get on a high building.

Sky terrace of the Schweizerhof

Even though we stayed at the Bellevue Palace, we asked in the Schweizerhof if it would be possible to show us the hotel or some rooms. Fortunately, it wasn’t a problem at all, so we also had the chance to go on the sky terrace, although it is closed since mid-october.

The Schweizerhof is located right at the central station. If we get back to Bern, we will definitely give them a chance. However, what would life be without any variety?

Bern, site of the World Heritage

Bern, site of the World Heritage


Keeping in mind that Bern itself is UNESCO Heritage, it helps to understand the importance of the National Bank and the „Bundeshaus“. Not to forget that Bern is the capital of Switzerland.

That explains why I was lucky enough to watch a demonstration against Ecopop, right in front of the Governmental building.

Bern definitely is an absolutely beautiful city, so if you have the chance to go there, enjoy it!


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  1. Dear Sabrina,
    will you write something about the breathtaking light show in a special?
    Cause that was really amazing.

    • Dear Jessica,
      as the lightshow was a very special experience, it already has a well deserved place on our specials-list this month. I will let the pictures paint their story.

  2. Lived in Switzerland for a year (French side) and I agree, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! It’s amazing you went, I really want to go back and visit.

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