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Bellevue Palace Bern. A hotel that really deserves its name. When we stayed at the hotel, we got a room with something I would call the perfect view. Talking of perfect, the Fitness Center was a blow, so was the staff at the reception and the doormen. But sadly not everybody at the hotel did try his or her best to make the guest feel comfortable.

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The word “cheap” does rarely exist in Switzerland. So, it’s no surprise that our newest hotel reviews came with a price.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: October

The Bellevue Palace in Bern is priced at 300 euros a night on normal days. For prices like this, you expect a lot when arriving at the hotel. So did we when we arrived in the early evening.

Welcomed by an amazing view

Welcomed by an amazing view

The handling of the check-in and the efficiency of the doormen were very promising, I really started to feel comfortable at the Bellevue Palace. The good moments went on when the receptionist went to the rooms (we stayed at the Bellevue Palace with our family) with us.

All three rooms (a suite in the highest floor and two huge deluxe rooms) were big and had everything you may expect in a luxury hotel.

Amazing view at the Bellevue Palace Bern

What made our five star experience at the Bellevue Palace in Bern really special was the view. We arrived when it was dark, but on the next morning, the beautiful “Bellevue” showed what its name means.

The Welcome Treatment was really awesome

Lovely welcome treatment (there was a bottle of water and some chocolate as well)

The rooms overlook the river Aare and parts of the city of Bern. As you are so high above everything else, the view feels just perfect. We also enjoyed our little balcony.

The lovely view was something we wanted to enjoy at breakfast as well. The day was pretty sunny, so we decided to have a seat on the restaurants terrace. Sadly, the waiters were not able to arrange a seat for seven at first. “Impossible” was the first comment. They offered us three tables.

The view at breakfast was really nice

View at breakfast at the Bellevue Palace was really nice, too

The horrible service experience ended for a moment when a woman of the management stepped-by to tell us that it would be no problem at all to arrange a table for seven. Surprise.

Solid choice, good food and horrible service

Travelling in a group puts hotels in a tough spot. The Bellevue Palace was sadly not able to handle the situation.

We even got a dirty knife at breakfast

Things that should not happen in a luxury hotel: A dirty knife

The waiters were overburdened and tried their best to not even show up at our table. We were not even given cutlery at first. The bad experience at breakfast went on with a slow service and coffee that was cold before it even arrived at the table.

The Cappuccino was good, yet it was already cold when it arrived

The Cappuccino was good, yet it was already cold when it arrived

The buffet was plundered in the last hours of breakfast, so you were not able to get a lot when you came late (there were a lot of people at breakfast). Even though the service experience was really bad, the food itself tasted really good.

The choice (in the early hours) was good as well. The only thing that was really amazing at breakfast was the view.

Afternoon Tea at the Bellevue Palace Bern

Is there anything better you can enjoy in a luxury hotel than a high-quality Afternoon Tea? Yes, because sometimes it is served in the darkness. We decided to have the Tea at 4 pm, but didn’t get a single dish till 5 pm. In the end, the “ceremony” took three hours because the waiters, once again, made a really bad job. The terrace was full, but that’s no excuse for the bad level of service at the Bellevue Palace.

Even though the food and the drinks were very good again, the service was just not what you expect when paying 35 euro for an Afternoon Tea (Note: After problems with heavy noise in the room of my sister, the hotel invited three members of the family for the Afternoon Tea). Overall, I can’t recommend trying the gastronomy at the Bellevue Palace when the restaurant is stacked. The staff (apart from one management member who even helped the waiters at breakfast) is not able to handle more than 50 guests.

Lovely gym and real luxury hotel service

It’s kind of sad that these impressions kind of destroyed our nice stay at the Bellevue Palace Bern. My sister moreover was mad, because she suffered from heavy noise caused by the bar below all night (she was in the room with two young kids). A party was taking place at the bar and the loud music was not shut down even after 2 am. Apart from these bad moments, the hotel was really good. The gym on the fifth floor is really modern and very nice.

The receptionists and the doormen were amazing and the rooms as well as the view are lovely. It was nice to see that the management showed up to excuse for the occurrences, but in my opinion, things like this shouldn’t happen in a luxury hotel in the first place. Overall, I’m open to test other alternatives in Bern, but would also come back to the Bellevue Palace Bern.

The view is something to come back for

The view is something to come back for to the Bellevue Palace

When the hotel works on the service in the restaurant, it would be a perfect choice for a trip to Bern!

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  1. That’s sad to know that you’re expectation of staying in this luxury hotel doesn’t fit what you expected. I don’t know if all over Europe ibis budget hotel exist. Because it is cheaper and more comfortable.

    • If I’m not mistaking, it is! I’ve seen flyers in the lobby and many guests I didn’t see at breakfast were present, so I bet it’s open for everyone. But be sure to reserve in advance if the weather is good! The terrace was fully booked when we had our tea.

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    • Thanks a lot! The hotel has amazing facilities and the rooms with “Aare View” are just wow. I can definitely recommed you to try it one day 🙂

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  6. Funny how people have different experiences. We went twice to this hotel and had 2 times an amazing time. Last time there was the opening of the new restaurant Noumi which I can highly recommend. I’ve wrote about this hotel as well. I love your hotel reviews👍keep up the good work😃

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