Looking back on week 11

Up in the air, aboard a high-speed train or in the capital of Switzerland. We are glad that you decided to be with us on our trips around the world. We hope that you enjoyed once again our content last week and hope you’ll keep on checking out traveluxblog next week! If you missed anything last week, check out our lookback!

The “Deutsche Bahn” is not known for perfect service, but offers a nice product aboard the ICE train in First Class!


Bern is one of the smaller capitals of a European state, but it’s a lovely city to explore anyway!

City of Bern, view from the other side

You want to fly with a propeller plane? Check out our review for Etihad Regional!

It was still dark when we departed

One of the new hotspots in Jakarta is The Hermitage Hotel. We previewed the luxury hotel for you!

Rooftop Bar

History is a crucial point in exploring cities. That’s why we started a new series focusing on history. Enjoy our first piece about Bern!

The University of Bern can also be seen from the sky terrace

Some moments are just beautiful: Our Photo of the Week!



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