Special: Lightshow Bern

Wondering why the Bundeshaus Bern is burning? This impressive moment is something you could experience during the “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz” in the capital of Switzerland. Magic moments, imposant pictures and exciting music, that’s my summery for the Lightshow in Bern.

Pretty spontaneously, we decided to join the Lightshow Bern in the evening. The event in the capital of Switzerland is popular under the name “Rendez-vous” Bundesplatz. I’m not sure whether we came a bit late, but “our” show began in the Stoneage with some dinos.

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What appears now are some formulas reminding of Albert Einstein, who lived in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

No wonder that he played an important role for this city! After that, a dance of time followed.

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The Bundeshaus Bern turns blue, but not for long! Diligent people started painting it until every corner was colorful.

But how could life be so colorful and enlightening without …  love?!

Wondering why the Bundeshaus Bern seems to burn is the question I asked right at the beginning. Here’s the answer: Because of love. Have a look!

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After these exciting moments, the Bundeshaus in Bern turned colorful, then into an ice blue for a short time. But that’s just the basis for the “Time to have a look at the world”.

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But what’s really important in life? Money? Power? Family? Friends? Planning your future? No –

That's what matters in life

That’s what matters in life

As a highlight at the end, the Bundeshaus Bern was enlightened in different colors. The music and background explanations are something I can hardly imitate in here, but anyway, I hope I was able to take you with us through our experience at the Lightshow in the city of Bern.


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