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What is it that excels a city? Its sights? Its history? Its size? Number of inhabitants? Sure, but mostly, it’s the people who excel a city like Bern. Their history and culture. Travelling means also to be part of that, so I’ll give you a little cultural guide for the history of the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

I might have mentioned it before, but I made the huge mistake to be completely uninformed when strolling through Bern. To prevent you from making the same and having a reason to enjoy the culture of Bern, I’ll show you what the capital of Switzerland has to offer. Sadly, I haven’t been to all the places, but there are some I want to mention anyway.

Theater in Bern

Actually, Bern offers a lot of culture I didn’t know about. It’s hard to begin, so I’ll start my culture guide with theaters in Bern. Here’s a little overview:

I was pretty surprised I found that many theaters in Bern, so I think it’s good to know what’s special about each of them.

Bern Puppet Theater

One might think a puppet theater can only be for children, but it’s for adults as well.

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

As the theater’s name already reveals, rod puppets as well as hand puppets are involved. Moreover, objects, masks and marionettes are used to complete the show.

Theater am Käfigturm in Bern

This theater reaches a broad audience, as it covers drama, readings, music, cabaret as well as farce and dance.

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

Theater on Effingerstraße Bern

Even though this theater is pretty small, there are many performances – about 200 a year! Quality and originality are outstanding characteristics of the theater on Effingerstraße.

Theater Remise Bern

Here, independent artists have the chance to show what they are able to do. What’s good to know is that it only covers about 60 persons, who can there be astonished by musicals, dance productions or drama.

Bern City Theater

A big theater in Bern where mostly classic music and ballet can be seen.

Museums and galleries in Bern

Bern is site of the World’s Heritage, thus it also has to offer some of the leading museums and galleries of Switzerland. There are too many to explain them all, so here’s a list – don’t want to bore you with endless explanations.

If you click on the name of the museum/gallery, you’ll come to their homepage if you’re interested!

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

(Image Source: Bern City /

Music in Bern

Bern is the perfect city to visit if you’re interested in classic music and orchestra! The capital of Switzerland is known for its performances in that: There are several orchestras and groups. Here’s a short overview: Berner Kammerorchester (BKO), Camerata Bern, Canto Classico, Swiss Jazz Orchestra, The Bern Meisterzyklus and The Bern Symphony Orchestra.

If you want to see or find them, I’m pretty sure you’ll be at the right address in one of the theaters, just check who plays and when!


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