4 Comments on “Taksi

  1. We actually call ‘andong’ or ‘delman’ for a horse ride. ‘Taksi’ is taxi.


    • When being in Jakarta, I felt like I was going back in time. And everyone shouted “taksi”, no matter for what, so I thought in would have somewhat of ambiguity.


      • You really should visit Central Java, especially Solo, Semarang, and Jogjakarta. They would make you feel going back in time even more.
        As a Jakartans, I don’t even realise people shout taxi for everything, haha. Hope you had a pleasant visit here 🙂

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      • We definitely had! Unfortunately, we were a bit short of time, but we’ll put it on our itinerary 🙂 I guess that’s just for foreigners, everyone wanted to “give us a ride”


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