Looking back on week 12

At the moment, we experience Jakarta, but tomorrow we’ll be on our trip home again. Travelling a lot this week, we were pretty busy, but did try our best to provide you with good content anyway. We hope you enjoyed following us along our trip to Jakarta and all the other pieces of content we realeased this week!

On Monday, we released the hotel rating for the Bellevue Palace, a very interesting hotel in the heart of Bern!

Welcomed by an amazing view

Something as incredible as the view we enjoyed in the Bellevue Palace was the “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz”!

The heart started to expand before it vanished

As Bern is a lovely little town, we decided to also provide you with a little cultural guide!

(Image Source: Bern City / bern.com)

(Image Source: Bern City / bern.com)

On our way to Jakarta, we had the pleasure to experience the best lounge we’ve visited so far!

Abu Dhabi Business Lounge 2

Jakarta offers many luxury hotels. We decided to try the number one on Tripadvisor: The Mandarin Oriental!

Deluxe Room, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

As announced in our preview, we also have the pleasure to stay at The Hermitage Hotel in Jakarta!

View on the Pool on the Rooftop and over Jakarta

View on the Pool on the Rooftop and over Jakarta

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