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Berlin is a city with many luxury hotels. Moreover, the value for the money at the hotels is pretty good. Tourists and businessmen akin are able to enjoy five star luxury for only 100 euro or a little more. The Waldorf Astoria Berlin is a little more expensive, but I spent there two nights anyway. Time for a review of one of the newest luxury hotels in the city.

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The Hilton brand Waldorf Astoria did expand very fast in the last years. One of the main projects was a hotel in the capital of Germany, Berlin. The hotel is located near the “Zoologischer Garten”, a very good location in my opinion.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: King Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: December

The Kurfürstendamm is reachable with a five minute walk, all other important spots in the city may be reached either by underground train or the so called S-Bahn in a few minutes (that stations are right in front of the hotel). There is also an airport bus (X9) which arrives at the Tegel Airport after 15 minutes.

Perfect room at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin

I was happy that the Waldorf Astoria let me check-in early (11 am) even though I’m not a member of Hilton Honors. The positive first touch made me look forward to my room. Before I saw it, I was a little disappointed by the level of service at the hotel. The receptionist was very distant and not really friendly.

Awesome view in my Corner Room

Awesome view

Also, I was neither given a tour through the hotel nor did anyone show me how to get to the room. Anyway, the room at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin was just perfect. It was a Deluxe Room located on the 18th floor. The view over Berlin was just as amazing as the interior, which was modern and fitting at the same time.

Comfortable bed in the Deluxe Room

Comfortable bed in the Deluxe Room

The bed was really comfy, the television screen was big. The bathroom is a real joy and has seduced shower and toilette. While taking a bath, you are also able to watch television. Last but not least, the room was very bright. All in all, a perfect room in my opinion.

Disappointing breakfast and a good dinner

As I’ve been at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin for a conference, I had the pleasure to receive complimentary breakfast. I went to the restaurant with high expectations and was sure to have a nice breakfast as I was one of the first guests.

Even though there was not much to do, the waiters were a disaster. It took hours to get a coffee (one coffee, I was not even asked for a second one), the dirty dishes were never put away and the hot dishes I ordered arrived after full 30 minutes.

The dinner was really good

The dinner was really good

Overall, a real disaster in terms of service. The buffet itself is good, the choice is solid, the quality is high-standard. So was the dinner I received as a part of the conference. The service once again was not really good but the food really was. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend having breakfast at the restaurant, the service at both days I went there was just too bad.

A good Spa does not need to be big

Sadly, I only had time to enjoy the Spa the very last day of my stay. Looking back, this is really sad as I liked the Spa area. It was not big but very nice in my opinion. There is a pool where you can have a nice swim, a sauna and a steam bath, both have the perfect temperature.

Very nice SPA (Image Source: Waldorf Astoria /

Very nice SPA (Image Source: Waldorf Astoria /

The loungers are very comfy and the complimentary apples, tea, water and magazines are very nice as well. Anyway, you should not expect a sports pool. The area is not big, so is the pool. I didn’t see many employees at the Spa but I had a good feeling when it comes to cleaning and taking away used towels, so a little plus for the service.

Poor service at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin

How to close a review about the Waldorf Astoria Berlin? What I really did like was the nice library located in the top floor next to the lounge. Sitting there a real joy and the cappuccino I got was very good as well. What I did hate meanwhile was the price of the Wifi. I’m used a lot, but 20 euros a day are a shame for a hotel which is that expensive. So what’s my conclusion?

Perfect view on the top floor ((Image Source: Waldorf Astoria /

Perfect view on the top floor (Image Source: Waldorf Astoria /

It’s tough to not recommend the Waldorf Astoria as it is one of the best luxury hotels in the city when it comes to the facilities offered (the Fitness Center is awesome, too!) but one of the worst five star hotels I’ve been to yet when it comes to service. If you’re looking for a perfect stay in Berlin, try the Waldorf Astoria. You’ll definitely love it when the level of service steps up (what it hopefully does!).

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11 Comments on “Hotel Review: Waldorf Astoria Berlin”

    • The Waldorf in NY is such a beauty, I love the old and traditional style of the “Grand Dame”. Thanks for the kind words, the Waldorf in Berlin is definitely worth a visit as well!

  1. The Waldorf in NYC is not comparable to any of the other Waldorfs. The Grand dame of the Waldorf’s deserves a makeover. The next door IC New York Barclay is currently being renovated. I really look forward staying at the Waldorf in Rome next March. Cannot wait to be back.

    • That’s true. The hotel is a little outdated. By now, there are several hotels that are superior for enjoying a perfect time in NY.

      It’s nice to see that you’ll have the chance to stay at the Cavalieri. I decided against the place due to the location and the extra fee for the swimming pool, but it really looks good. I’m looking forward to hearing about your stay!

      • I know the hotel very well. The location is indeed a bit out of the city however the views are spectacular. I had the honor of working for the Cavalieri back in the day when it was still Hilton branded. Already then it was a gem and left the other hiltons far behind. Having dinner at la pergola in March as well that’s actually the purpose of the visit.

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