Hotel Review: The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta

Two weeks ago, we released a preview about The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta. Meanwhile, we stayed at the hotel, so we got the chance to make it even easier for you to decide whether you stay at the hotel or not. Overall, we are sure that you’ll like the luxury hotel as the service really is high-level. The rooms are very individual, but the rooftop pool is something every guest will just love.

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Coming to The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta is a real experience. Most taxi drivers, even in Executive Taxis, don’t know the place, so you’ll have to help them navigating through the “traffic jungle” in Jakarta.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: November

When we arrived at the hotel, we were kind of surprised. Neither is it located on a big street nor in the financial district. The Hermitage Hotel is on a quiet road in an area with small houses.

Tranquility in the center of Jakarta

Tranquility in the center of Jakarta

Even though the financial district and the shopping centers may not be around the corner, the distance to all touristic and business spots is short, so you won’t have problems getting where you want to get.

The most positive aspect about the location is the calm. Most luxury hotels in Jakarta are located right in the booming financial district, which makes most hotel rooms very noisy. At the Hermitage Hotel, it is different. In our room, we did not hear a car once.

Individual welcome and special design

When arriving, guests are greeted by a porter who helps with luggage and does help you to get to the reception. The check-in is a really smooth experience. You are seated on comfy chairs in front of a little desk, the receptionist also do have a seat.

Welcome Treatment at The Hermitage Hotel

Welcome Treatment at the Hermitage Hotel

The atmosphere is pretty familiar, which makes the process something special. While being checked-in, we were offered a welcome drink and a hot towel. After the smooth process that just took about five minutes, we were shown to our room. The Executive Room at The Hermitage Hotel has a really interesting style. It is colonial and old fashioned, but extremely modern (the hotel opened in 2014) at the same time.

The room consists of three separated rooms, all in a row. After getting into the room, you may have a seat in the small living area. Next is the bedroom with a King Bed and last is the bathroom with a seduced shower and a big bathtub. Interestingly, the bathroom is the only part of the room with windows.

Tasty food at The Hermitage Jakarta

Even though we just stayed one night at the Hermitage Hotel, we had the chance to test a lot of food at the hotel. The breakfast was good, but nothing special as the choice was kind of limited (the hotel is not really big, so the amount of choices was solid).

The level of service meanwhile was pretty high. Same goes for the Afternoon Tea that can be served in different areas. We decided for the amazing rooftop terrace, a tranquil spot in the hustle of the city. Last but not least, we tried some dining choices as well.

Noodles, Pizza and Tapas may not be the most Indonesian choices, but all were really tasty. If you want to enjoy dinner on the rooftop as we did, you shouldn’t expect local choices though. The rooftop bar is just offering European / American delights.

Moreover, we felt like the food was too expensive for Jakarta, as it was on the same level as in many luxury hotels in Europe. The taste and the choice meanwhile were really good.

The most enjoyable spot in the city

Our room at the Hermitage Hotel was really nice, but the layout was not that positive in our opinion, as the room is a little dark. But you should anyway not spend too much time in the room as the most amazing spot of the hotel is another one: The rooftop.

Stunning view from the rooftop terrace of the Hermitage Hotel

Stunning view from the rooftop terrace of the Hermitage Hotel

May it be the pool, the bar or the rooftop terrace, every moment on the rooftop of the Hermitage Hotel is pure enjoyment. Especially in a city like Jakarta that has a horrific traffic and extreme temperatures, nothing is as amazing as a place to enjoy the tranquility and just calm down.

So be sure to take some time to have a swim, enjoy some food or have a drink. It is definitely worth, be it for lunch, afternoon tea or for a drink late in the evening.

Perfect service at The Hermitage Jakarta

What makes the Hermitage Hotel a really special place in our opinion is the level of service and the enormous request compliance. While we stayed at the hotel, all employees tried their best to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. Every wish, may it be an umbrella or water for a city tour, everything was brought to us in seconds. Moreover, the hotel granted us a late check-out at 6 pm as we had a late flight this evening.

The pool, the service and the tranquility make the Hermitage Hotel a special place

The pool, the service and the tranquility make the Hermitage Hotel a special place

When we arrived, the hotel also provided us with every single fruit, nut or cheese we ticked as “preferred” before check-in. So if you are in Jakarta, be sure to try the hotel for at least one night. The perfect service and the amazing rooftop terrace will make you love the place even if you do not like the colonial style.

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