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London is one of the cities every traveler wants to visit at least once in his life. If you want to enjoy a perfect stay, definitely consider to spend a lot of money on your hotel. The Landmark London, one of the luxury hotels with the biggest tradition of all hotels in London, invites you with awesome facilities and a level of service you’ve never seen before.

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Usually, I’m not the guy who writes enormously positive things in a hotel review, but talking about the Landmark London, I got a hell lot of positive words to tell. Even though I only stayed there for two nights, the stay was really memorable. It started when I arrived at the hotel at noon. I was granted an early check-in and was shown to my room by a very nice employee.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Corner Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: November

He instantly asked me if I liked the room and I answered that I did not. Wait what? Yeah, I didn’t like the room as it was located on the highest floor and a little dark due to that. Not the perfect start? You’re wrong, the hotel showed what perfect service means in the following hour.

A perfect stay starts with a cookie surprise…

The employee instantly apologized for not getting me a perfect room and told me that I may enjoy my time up there and wait for another room to be ready for me. So that’s what I did. I put out my laptop, worked a little and was surprised positively another time. The desks offered not only British plugs, but also Central European ones.

One of the best welcome treatments ever

One of the best welcome treatments ever

I’ve never seen this before in a luxury hotel in Great Britain. That nice experience at the Landmark London was followed by another one. While waiting, the doorbell rang and I expected that the employee would be back to show me another room.

But he wasn’t, another employee was awaiting me with a huge bottle of water as well as a plate of cookies (ten big chocolate cookies!). “That’s complimentary for you”. I was in heaven.

…and goes on with a lovely room

Even though I was in the mood to eat all the cookies instantly, the Landmark was about to surprise me another time. The reception called me a little later to come down, so I may be shown to my new room. And it was just wow!

Seating area in the Suite

Seating area in the Executive Corner Room

They offered me a lovely Executive Corner Room with a very nice view and a lot of space. Moreover, the bathroom was amazing as well and had everything I need (seduced toilet and shower, big bathtub and two sinks). For the record: I booked the lowest room category. The upgrade I got was not just grateful, it was a really positive surprise.

The marble bathroom was right perfect

The marble bathroom was right perfect

While other hotels would have forgotten to bring me either my baggage or my welcome treatment, at the Landmark, that didn’t happen. A bellboy arrived just a minute later to bring everything that I left in the other room.

Expensive food at The Landmark London

When it comes to food, my enormously positive hotel review comes to an end. Don’t get me wrong, the breakfast and the level of service was really good as well, but it was nothing special. The choice at the breakfast buffet was just right, the timing and the speed of the service was good as well but it was no “wow-experience”.

Breakfast is served in the inner courtyard

Breakfast is served in the inner courtyard

Same goes for dinner. Apart from being extremely expensive (30-60 pounds for a main dish), I had a bad experience with seating. Even though there were a lot of empty places, we were told that there were no seats available when we arrived. Due to that, we went to the bar for an hour (the service was weak, the drinks were good) and came back afterwards.

Main dish for dinner

Main dish at dinner

Surprisingly the restaurant was even emptier than before, but we finally took a seat. The food itself is very good, so is the service but the bad experience at first (they didn’t even fill a quarter of the empty seats) and the crazy prices kind of ruined the evening.

Not included: Spa at the Landmark London

An expensive luxury hotel in London is one thing, but a Spa is another one. While most hotels do only offer good food and nice rooms, the Landmark London does also have a pool and a spa area in the basement. What’s a shame in my opinion was the fact that hotel guests have to pay an entrance fee (10 pound for a single entrance, 20 pound for day entrance). Even though the area was recently renovated, it was nothing special in my opinion.

The hotel pool is not as big as it looks like (Image Source: The Landmark London /

The hotel pool is not as big as it looks like (Image Source: The Landmark London /

The changing rooms are nice, so is the fitness center. The pool is a little small, the sauna is located in front of it (you are literally watching everyone in the sauna). There are no real loungers, only some areas with pillows. It was nice when there were few people and kind of a disaster when there were more than ten people. So overall, kind of sad that you have to pay an extra fee for a disappointing Spa experience. Definitely a thing that must be improved at the Landmark London.

A good luxury hotel in London

Looking back on my experience, I would recommend staying at the Landmark London. You may avoid going to the Spa at peak hours and reserve a seat at the restaurant to have a really amazing experience. But even if you don’t, as I did, you’ll have a good time at the Landmark London. The breakfast is really nice, the room was a dream (they have the biggest rooms in London when it comes to luxury hotels) and the service is top-notch.

The cookies really made my stay memorable

The cookies really made my stay memorable

The most negative point is the “money-making” behavior at the hotel. Just to name a few: An extra-fee for the Spa, an extra-fee for upgrading your continental breakfast to full buffet breakfast, crazy prices at the restaurant and a minibar that is way too expensive. All in all, I would recommend the hotel anyway as the facilities offered, as everything offered, is really good. But be sure to take a lot of money with you.

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  2. I find it to be nuts for a hotel to charge guests for access to the spa or the fitness facilities — just as nuts for hotels charging for internet access. I’m OK with the additional charges for the mini-bar and the up-charge for a “full breakfast” – because I don’t use these services and for those who do, let the hotel make extra money. I must admit, when asked if I liked the room, I’ve never responded negatively – looks like it really worked out for you here!

    • You are right. I really do hate this as well, especially considering that The Landmark is not a cheap hotel that would really need to extra charge for something like this. In the very end, something like this just leaves a bitter taste.

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