Airline Review: Turkish Airlines (regional Economy)

When we returned from Kuala Lumpur in September, we had the chance to fly Turkish Airlines (TK). The carrier is a Star Alliance member and is known for amazing food onboard. On our regional flight, Turkish Airlines proved to be an awesome choice when it comes to service and food. Sadly, they lost my luggage and made a bad impression in the aftermath.

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Istanbul to Munich is one of the longest regional flights I’ve ever taken. Flying the route with Turkish Airlines was a real joy, especially because of the food.

  • Airplane: Airbus A321
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Breakfast (Quiche)
  • Seat Pitch: 29 Inch (74 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,5 Inch (44 Centimeter)

We boarded in Istanbul some minutes late, but that was no negative matter for us as our prior flight was late. But what’s more important for a flight review: Arrival was punctual though. The airplane was clean, the seats as well.

The seat pitch is not really good when flying Turkish Airlines

The seat pitch is not really good when flying Turkish Airlines

As the flight was regional, you should not expect something special. The seats looked good and seating was okay. It neither was extremely comfortable, nor was it bad. The seat pitch at Turkish Airlines was okay, the seat width nothing special. To sum it up: I didn’t feel cramped and didn’t get back pain, so the experience was not too bad.

Great breakfast with freshly squeezed juice

No special seating, no special aircraft, but really special food. Even though I am used to the fact that you are served a hot meal, the surprise when flying Turkish Airlines was a really nice one. I was not really hungry as we were served breakfast at our Malaysia Airlines flight some minutes earlier as well.

That's how the breakfast looked like

That’s how the breakfast looked like

Anyway, the food was good enough that I decided to take some bites. I especially liked the Bircher Muesli and the cheese and vegetables provided. Both were really good and worth mentioning in this airline review. The warm dish was okay, but nothing special.

The main dish was some kind of a quiche lorraine

The main dish was some kind of a quiche lorraine

When it comes to drinks, I was positively surprised by the freshly squeezed orange juice. I choose orange juice on every flight, but I did not get one freshly squeezed ever before when flying Economy. Thanks to Turkish Airlines to show your guests that you even value Economy Class passengers to some degree!

Good service aboard, bad service on ground

After really enjoying my Turkish Airlines flight even though I was seated on a middle seat, I was looking forward to meet a friend at ground. Sadly, my luggage was lost by Turkish Airlines. That fact was negative, but nothing I would have been mad about. What really made me angry was the ground handling by the agents of Turkish Airlines. They were not interested in the topic, didn’t tell me where the luggage got lost and just told me that I’ll be called “next day”. Not surprisingly, I was not called the next day. I got my baggage seven days later, but the service meanwhile was a disaster. Considering that I also know the lost baggage service of Lufthansa, the service of TK was even worse. Something that should not happen when flying with an airline that advertises itself as the “Best Airline in Europe”.

Turkish Airlines is recommendable

To sum it up, I can recommend flying Turkish Airlines in Economy Class. The level of service onboard was as good as the food and the airline does even have a cook on every flight. Connecting these points with a nice board product, new aircrafts and fair prices, I must say that the airline is recommendable.

The drink holders were a very positive aspect

The drink holders and the freshyl squeezed orange juce were very positive aspects

Turkish Airlines may also be a good choice for long haul flights, especially when you plan on flying a route between Europe and Asia. Yet, I didn’t have the pleasure to test the long haul service, but I’ll try to write an airline review for a long haul flight with Turkish Airlines as well.

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  1. So glad you posted this! I’m flying with TA in July so it’s a nice heads up just in case! Did you have a bad encounter with Lufthansa as well? I lost my baggage as well once, but they were super kind (this was in Frunkfurt) and helpful.

    • I’m very glad that I can help you 🙂

      Talking of Lufthansa. When flying with an employee of mine last year, she lost her luggage on the route Barcelona – Munich. Everyone in Munich was extremly helpful and kind. The luggage arrived just two days later, delivered to the home adress. Overall, a really positive experience 🙂

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