Looking back on week 16

On Monday, we arrvied back from Abu Dhabi and Zurich, on Saturday we boarded our plane to Kaliningrad. As you see, we were busy travelling once again. Meanwhile, we released content from all over the world. Be it airlines, hotels or cities, on traveluxblog we had everything last week. We hope you enjoyed our content and thank you for your ongoing support of our blog!

The first post this week focused on one of the most iconic hotels in Rome, the St. Regis!

A more classic "Imperial Room" (Image Source: St. Regis Rome /

(Image Source: St. Regis Rome /

A special experience is what you get in Economy Class when flying Turkish Airlines. One amazing thing: Freshly squeezed orange juice!

That's how the breakfast looked like

From Istanbul to Berlin: Our Hotel Preview of the new Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt!

(Image Source: Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt /

(Image Source: Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt /

We enjoyed a wonderful time at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta in November. Check out our Hotel Review!

Very comfortable couch

The place where we depart to many amazing places in the world, Berlin Tegel, is featured in our newest Airport Guide!

Overview of Berlin Tegel Airport (Image Source: Berlin Airport /

(Image Source: Berlin Airport /

One of the unique places that is worth a visit is the JA Manafaru on the Maldives!

Pure Enjoyment at JA Manafaru (Image Source: JA Manafaru /

(Image Source: JA Manafaru /

Talking of unique, a city trip to Kaliningrad definitely is more than just that. Our first pictures of the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad!

Bed at Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

To not overuse the word “unique”, we may just introduce our City Culture post of Jakarta without any words!

This is how a bed of the reigning elite in the prehistoric time looks alike

This is how a bed of the reigning elite in the prehistoric time looks alike

Last but not least, Sabrina decided to release an experiment this week. Our very special Photo of the Week!




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