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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is especially known for its “Little Mermaid”. Anyway, Copenhagen has so much more to offer, even in a cold autumn month. We explored the city not on foot, but with a boat, were freezing and desperately searching for a place in a café. With success? Unfortunately, nope. Nevertheless, the so-called “Happy Wall” made us smile despite the cold.

Admittedly, everyone is aware of the tendencially cold temperature in winter months. Especially in the north hemisphere, which includes Copenhagen undoubtedly. However, we decided to travel there.

After having arrived at the airport, we checked-in at the Hilton Airport Hotel Copenhagen, then wanted to not waste time and discover Copenhagen as long as it was still bright.

Interesting train and stunning Hôtel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen

As we needed to get to the city anyhow, we chose the train as the most convenient means of transport. What did surprise us because we are not used to it was the train driving by itself, with no train driver! I can imagine that one might not feel safe, but I think it is even safer – we arrived though.

As soon as we left the station and dipped into the city, we were wondering about a crowd of people taking photos. Huh, what was so spectacular? It didn’t take long until we found ourselves IN the big crowd taking photos as well. Photos of what? The Hôtel D’Angleterre, member of the Leading Hotels of the World, decorated its impressive house with even more impressive and stunning and fitting christmas lights.

Amazingly decorated Hôtel D'Angleterre

Amazingly decorated Hôtel D’Angleterre

All one can possibly think about that appearance is just wow! Due to our membership in the program of LHW, a nice receptionist agreed to show us the house, even though he didn’t have much time. If you bring a bit, well a bit much money with you, try it! It looks so promising, not just from the exterior!

Exploring Copenhagen via boat

Even though we haven’t chosen that variant once before, we picked a boat tour to see a different side of Copenhagen. It was multilingual in English, German and Danish. I think we started in Nyhavn, cause it looks like it, but I wouldn’t bet!

We passed a houseboat, the most expensive flats in the whole city, an old warship, the Little Mermaid (were only able to see her back), the so-called Black Diamond, a geodesic dome, many bridges, many buildings I cannot remember how they’re called and many bridges, same here. Oh, and not to forget about two churches!

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This may not be the most common way to get to know a city and probably we did not see everything others may judge as a must see. Can be. But we enjoyed it nevertheless! However, exploring was somehow not strenuous, as we could sit “lazy” in the boat during the tour and were explained what everything was that we saw. Only disadvantage: Being on a boat is always colder than being on land, and doing it in autumn/winter in a North European country was maybe not conducive of feeling warm.

Let’s search for a café in Copenhagen!

Well, after having made the experience that public toilets are better avoided, we craved for something warm like a café where we could also eat something.

Way down to a toilet

Way down to a toilet

But very obviously, we weren’t the only ones in Copenhagen with that wish! The streets were full, so was nearly every café. In combination with a Christmas Market, this is very plausible.

On our desperate search, we found a pretty nice shopping mall, but it appears to be private. Which means that they decided to forbid taking photos. Furthermore, there could obviously nothing to eat be found, so we left.

Okay. McDonald’s is good as well.

At some degree, even we gave up. There was not a single place in several cafés to sit down at all, we were freezing and we got tired. Although we really wanted to go in something local, at the very end, McDonald’s was the solution. Not local, but warm and a coffee.

City Hall Copenhagen and Tivoli

On our way to the Central Station, we discovered the impressive City Hall and a statue of Hans Christian Andersen right next to it! It took us a while to get a cool photo, as nearly everyone despite us wanted to have a photo WITH him. Needless to say, we wanted a photo WITHOUT the others, which is the reason why it took a while.

Crowds of people, fascinating lights, mood-making music: The Tivoli can be recognized immediately. We haven’t been inside though, getting even darker than it already was, but that’s the explanation for the opportunity of a long expo shot of the entrance. Handhold, so no critic please!

And that’s pretty much it. I googled something like sights Copenhagen or so and was surprised what I found there, so I decided that we have seen a more unconventional side of the city. Hope you enjoyed it nevertheless!


Curious about more conventional city experiences?


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  1. Nice review 🙂 We think McDonald’s is really good place to drink a coffee during travels. It’s cheap, drinks are good and it always has free wifi 🙂

  2. Hello from Stockhopm. Great review! CPH is a cool small city. Nightlife and food scene is amazing. For example the famous NOMa( 2 star Michelin).

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