Airline Review: Lufthansa (regional Economy)

I’ve been flying with Lufthansa (LH) several times in the last years. Over the years, I got a little bored, but the major carrier in Germany is worth an airline review nevertheless. This time I’m reviewing a domestic flight from Berlin to Munich and back. Lufthansa did a good job, but disappointed me a little bit when it comes to food. I kind of expected more.

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The Berlin – Munich route is one of the most important ones for Lufthansa. The airline has more than a dozen daily flights, mostly operated by huge aircrafts. I was on both flights onboard an Airbus A321, one of the biggest regional planes Lufthansa has.

  • Airplane: Airbus A321
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,5 Inch (44 Centimeter)

The plane was equipped with the normal Recaro seats that are the equipment on every regional plane of Lufthansa. The seats are not extremely comfortable, but they are okay in my opinion. So is the seat pitch that is a little better than the one some other airlines in Europe offer.

The seat width was pretty nice on my flights as I had the pleasure to enjoy a free middle seat (I had a window seat) on both flights. If you do not have this comfort, the width is normal for Economy Class and exactly the same as with many other European airlines.

A little bite and unlimited drinks

Flying Lufthansa is as enjoyable as Air Berlin when it comes to drinks. On regional and long haul flights, both airlines offer unlimited drinks. The feature is nice for me as I usually want orange juice and water.

An unlimited choice of drinks is complimentary in Lufthansa Economy Class

An unlimited choice of drinks is complimentary in Lufthansa Economy Class

When flying Lufthansa, you may also enjoy a choice of beer, wine and spirits. The snack which was served on the domestic route was a little disappoint though. I was hoping for a sandwich, but only got some salt pretzels.

The snack was a little disappointing

The snack was a little disappointing

The snack "unpacked"

The snack “unpacked”

The catering concept on domestic flights on Lufthansa seems to be the same as when flying Air Berlin. Wouldn’t I have expected more, the food would not even be worth a mention in an airline review, but that’s something I’m already used to when it comes to domestic flights.

Modern entertainment and classic newspapers

What was a nice surprise when flying Lufthansa was the newly introduced entertainment system. Apart from the huge choice of newspapers and magazines, guests of Lufthansa are able to enjoy WiFi on board.

The new entertainment system of Lufthansa on regional routes

The new entertainment system of Lufthansa on regional routes

The system offers not just internet access, but moreover gives guests access to movies and series. It can be used either through a portable device like a laptop or a tablet or with a smartphone.

The new feature boosts the entertainment on regional flights and makes Lufthansa a very interesting choice for a flight without boredom.

Overall, Lufthansa is a nice choice for regional flights

After not flying Lufthansa for many months, it was nice to see that the airline still offers a good service and a nice board product. The seat width and the comfort are nothing special, so is the food. But in terms of entertainment (Lufthansa offers newspapers and magazines on all routes), the airline may be the number one in Europe at the moment. The service was good, the punctuality for my flights (both earlier flights to Munich/Berlin were delayed) was awesome.

Free coffee and tea making facilities for Lufthansa passengers in Munich

Free coffee and tea making facilities for Lufthansa passengers in Munich

All in all, I can recommend with that airline review that you should try flying Lufthansa on a European route. Anyway, you should not expect something special. Lufthansa definitely is one of the best airlines in Europe, but the difference to other carriers is not huge.


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  1. I’ve only flown Lufthansa twice, from DCA to MUC and back, and both times I loved it! And the news paper and free coffee was awesome. When I flew from MUC – DCA, I had been up since 8:00 am the day BEFORE as my flight from Tblisi left at 12:00 am that night. Anywho, the free coffee was a life saver.

    Nice review, cheers!

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