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There are some hotels we really like coming back to, even though we love testing new places. The Hotel Palace Berlin is one of these. We already reviewed the hotel some months ago, but with new impressions and a new room, we feel like it is time to update our readers on the status-quo at the luxury hotel in Berlin.

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On some days you are just exhausted. When we flew back from Copenhagen, we were just really looking forward to coming home. Anyway, the Deutsche Bahn “cancelled” our dream of coming home. Spontaneous as we are, we looked for a hotel in Berlin for the night.

Hotel Palace

Decorated for Christmas

The Hotel Palace Berlin, a hotel we stayed at several times before, seemed like the perfect choice (check out our first review!). We reserved a room and arrived just 15 minutes later.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Club Room
  • Month of Stay: November/December

The handling of the situation was impressive as we arrived late and in a short period of time, but they had everything prepared nevertheless. Check-in was fast and efficient as always, the upgrade to a Club Room was a nice surprise as well.

Modern design and nice equipment

The “short notice” check-in was not the only stay at the Hotel Palace in the last weeks, so we kind of mix two stays in this hotel review. As we got the same room (with a different view), you shouldn’t get confused.

The Club Rooms are located on the 8th and 9th floor and offer nice views over the zoo – if you get a nice room.

The bed at the Club Room

The bed at the Club Room

Some are located facing the inner courtyard, which is more quite, but the view is less nice. Anyway, every Club Room offers all amenities you may expect from a luxury hotel. A nice flat TV, a good working desk and a comfortable bed.

The bathroom in the Club Room is a little small

The bathroom in the Club Room is a little small

What is kind of negative is the fact that there are no real king beds. The bathroom is not large, but got a shower and a bathtub. Sadly, there is just one washbasin and the toilet is not separated.

Nice welcome treatmentat at Hotel Palace

As a Leaders Club guest, we were invited to enjoy a welcome drink in the bar that day. Although it was not normally included, we were served a Hugo. The bartender was really kind and friendly. The experience in the bar was a good one, so was the one at breakfast.

Breakfast at Hotel Palace

Breakfast at Hotel Palace

Eggs are cooked by order at the breakfast

Eggs are cooked by order at the breakfast

Even though I didn’t like the buffet breakfast when I was at the Hotel Palace for the first and second time, we enjoyed it the last two times. Service is still a little slow and inefficient, but the choice of food and drinks is amazing. The atmosphere is okay, but nothing special.

The food was really good, which takes me to the welcome treatment. Every time we arrive at the Hotel Palace, we get an individual welcome treatment with a bottle of wine, a bottle of water and a sweet treat. Only few things are as enjoyable as the sweet delight after an exhausting day.

Dip into the pool of the Hotel Palace

As most luxury hotels in Berlin, the Hotel Palace also offers a Spa area. The pool can be used by all hotel guests for free, the sauna is at extra charge. The Spa is an especially enjoyable place when there are not many people.

Pool at Hotel Palace

Pool at the Hotel Palace

The pool is a little small, but good for swimming when there is nobody else inside. The whirlpool is a little cold in my opinion. A very positive feature what I’m missing in many luxury hotels are the comfortable lounges that are even equipped with cozy blankets.

If you are not about enjoying your time poolside, you may think about working out in the gym. The fitness area is average in my opinion. I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen better, so nothing to lose many words about.

Good overall experience at a very good location

Overall, the Hotel Palace Berlin is worth a visit, especially considering that the fares are not really high at most dates. The location of the Palace Berlin is really good, the service is courteous and friendly at all times. As we mentioned in our first hotel review, the rooms are definitely not the best in Berlin, but for what you pay, you are getting something fantastic.

Special treatment in the evening

Special treatment in the evening

The Spa is really enjoyable if you are coming at the right times. Breakfast is nice in-room as well as at the restaurant. If you are considering to eat at the Palace, you may have a look at our first review.

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