Lounge Review: Air France Lounge Berlin-Tegel

Berlin Tegel neither is the most modern nor the most comfortable airport in Germany. To be honest, it is one of the worst I’ve been to yet. Anyway, we had the pleasure to enjoy one of the few lounges at the airport. Even though we were flying with an oneworld airline, we got access to the Air France Lounge, a nice and remote place.

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When we arrived at Berlin Tegel, we had an early connection coming from Oslo flying to Abu Dhabi. Our connection time was around three hours, so we had a lot of time to check out the facilities of the lounges. Well, when talking of facilities: The Lounge consists of just one room with the reception, different seating areas and a buffet.

Seating in the Air France Lounge

Armchairs in the Air France Lounge Berlin-Tegel

Toilet facilities are located on another level, separated from the lounge. That sadly means that you do not only have to walk for two or three minutes, but also have to use the crowded and old toilet facilities of the airport itself.

Seating at the Air France Lounge Berlin

Anyway, we had a good time in the Air France lounge. The woman at the reception made a good job by being kind and attentive.

She also informed us when it was time to leave for check-in for our flight to Abu Dhabi. Later on, another woman showed up. She was clearing the tables and setting up a new buffet for lunch.

The breakfast buffet in the Air France Lounge is a little small

The breakfast buffet in the Air France Lounge is a little small

Overall, the service was quick and efficient, even though the buffet was self-service. On the tables are some cookies placed, so you may have a bite without walking to the buffet.

Buffet at the Air France Lounge Berlin

Talking of the buffet, it is important to note that it was not a very French one. Being in the Air France lounge, this was kind of surprising. No croissants for breakfast in a lounge that mainly serves passengers flying to Amsterdam and Paris? Kind of weird.

Choice is not really limited though

Choice is not really limited though

Anyway, we liked the choice at the buffet as there was everything from fresh fruits (not cut) over muesli and yogurt up to fresh rolls and cold cuts. When it comes to drinks, there was a nice choice of non-alcoholic and even alcoholic (at 9 in the morning!) drinks. You may even take unlimited alcohol as nobody is having an eye on the fridges provided.

A little welcome snack

A little welcome snack

Overall, the breakfast buffet was fine for a small breakfast, but is not comparable to what is offered for breakfast at four or five star hotel properties.

Entertainment at the Air France Lounge Berlin

The seating was nothing special, too. The normal chairs were comfortable, so where the leather ones. The system of an eating and a relaxing area is a very good one in my opinion. Also, there are two working places where you may check your mails or write a text. Sadly, the wifi connection provided was horrible. Also, we didn’t like the fact that there are only few plugs in the lounge.

Magazines are complimenary in the Air France Lounge at Berlin-Tegel

Magazines are complimenary in the Air France Lounge at Berlin-Tegel

Even at the working places there are only two plugs in total (for both). All in all, the lounge is okay as it offers quality food, a solid choice and nice seating with a view on the tarmac. When flying SkyTeam or Air Berlin Business Class, you may have a snack there, but do not plan extra time for the lounge.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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