Best Spas in 2014!

Steaming Outdoor-Pools, snacks like nuts and freshly squeezed juices, water with lemons, tea, cozy atmosphere, whirlpools, loungers, a more sportive swimming pool, … Sounds like music in your ears? Want to dream your life right away to these places? Or feeling a bit braced and a massage would be the perfect solution? One thing which is really important to us in luxury hotels is a good spa area. Some hotels do not offer any at all, others have a solid pool, some are a pure oasis. Here are our top three spas in 2014:

1. Schloss Elmau, Germany

Schloss Elmau is known to be a Leading Spa. A title which it absolutely deserves! A big outdoor infinity pool with a view on the “Wettersteingebirge”, many whirlpools, more than a just cozy atmosphere, several saunas, steam baths and one hamam. A huge choice of offered massages, nice waiters who bring fresh salads to the guests, more pools. I am sure that I still forgot something important. We cannot judge the new part of the spa area in the other house, but we are sure that is amazing as well. A real dream!

At Schloss Elmau you may choose between different pools (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

(Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

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2. The Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol, Jochberg in Austria

Simply great! Indoor and outdoor pool, both heated, a huge lounging area, several saunas, … Again, I probably forgot something. In winter, it must be a hard decision whether to go skiing or just spend all day in the spa. Undoubtedly, the perfect composition must be to relax after an exciting day of skiing, which is by the way possible right next to the hotel.

Outdoor Pool (32 degrees)

Have a look at our whole experience!

3. The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

Not only that the Swiss hotel has the best room in 2014, it also made its job in regard to the spa! Very cozy atmosphere, saunas and steam baths, three whirlpools with different temperatures right next to each other! Not to forget about the 35 meter long indoor swimming pool!

(Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

(Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

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