Best Views in 2014!

What could be better than waking up, pulling back the curtains and enjoying a wonderful view? If the weather is great, that would be the perfect start in the day. Some hotels have the perfect location for offering that, and getting a room in which you can enjoy an awesome view is unbeatable. Here are our top three views in 2014!

1. Grande Real Villa Italiá, Cascais in Portugal

Not only is the weather there even in winter always sunny, the Grande Real Villa Italiá has a very special feature in the Seaview Retreat. After waking up, you just have to turn yourself to the bedside table and push a button – the curtains move magically! So lying in the bed and enjoying a wonderful view on the Atlantic Ocean – definitely a reason for a well deserved first place!

View Grande Real Villa Italiá

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2. Louis C. Jacob, Hamburg in Germany

There’s a reason for why the Elbzimmer is one of the highest room categories despite the fact that it is not big at all: The stunning view on the Elbe. What can be discovered is the other side of the river and sometimes ships that are passing through.

Ausblick und Balkontisch

What to expect at the Louis C. Jacob can be read here!

3. Bellevue Palace, Bern in Switzerland

Switzerland has many good hotels, so a rank in the category best view goes to the Bellevue Palace in Bern well deserved . Being at the right side of the hotel, guests can enjoy an amazing view over the river Aare. But even if not, as the building is pretty high, it is always a joy to look over the city!

Welcomed by an amazing view

Welcomed by an amazing view

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