Best Hotels in 2014!

Deciding which hotel was the very best we stayed at in 2014 was not any easy. Several luxury hotels fully satisfied our needs, gaining eight or even nine out of ten stars in our Hotel Ratings. In the very end, we chose two hotels in Switzerland and one in Germany. All of them offer everything you may expect of a luxury hotel: Including amazing rooms, tasty food, a huge spa area and perfect service.

1. The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

There is a reason why the The Chedi Andermatt got mentioned in many of our “Best in 2014” posts. The hotel located in the Swiss Alps does not only offer luxurious rooms starting from the “Standard Room”, but is also known for its one of a kind cuisine. Not to forget about the spa area that we enjoyed to the utmost. But what made the Chedi that unqiue that we decided to name it the best hotel in 2014? It definitely is the room. The coziness, the technical equipment – including a complimentary selection of new movies – the balcony and the fire place. There was nothing more we could have asked for.

TV and Balcony

Interested in the Chedi Andermatt? Check out our hotel review!

2. Schloss Elmau, Germany

Known as one of the most exclusive resorts in Germany, Schloss Elmau fully satisfied us. Anyway, the luxury hotel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen is not in our selection of the best hotels in 2014 because of the room (that was nice, but not as stunning as the one in the Chedi), but because of the spa area. Three pools, several saunas and steam baths, one of the biggest hamams in Europe and huge relaxation areas. Not to forget about complimentary snacks and an extremly cozy atmosphere. Also, guests of Schloss Elmau may enjoy the awesome gastronomy or the cultural events at the hotel.

Castle (2)

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3. The Dolder Grand, Zurich in Switzerland

After two dedicated resorts, we also want to present a city hotel in our selection of the best three hotels we stayed at in 2014. The Dolder Grand, located in the biggest Swiss city Zurich, calls itself a “city resort”. That means that you can enjoy a luxurious stay including spa treatments and enjoyment on the highest level just a few minutes away from the city center of Zurich (by shuttle). The spa area is by far the biggest we’ve seen so far when it comes to city hotels. Moreover, the rooms are extremly modern and got an unqiue design. In addition, the à la carte breakfast is a must. The Dolder really deserves a spot in our top three!


Amazing breakfast, stunning spa. Check out what the Dolder Grand has to offer!


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