Airline Review: Air Berlin (regional Economy)

As most of you know, we are frequent travelers on our home airline, Air Berlin (AB). Due to many flights the airlines offers departing from Berlin, AB is the perfect choice for most of our experiences. After we already reviewed flying on a Boeing 737-800, we also want to give you an introduction to flying Air Berlins way smaller Boeing 737-700.

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In the last months, we flew with Air Berlins six times in total. Some flights were operated by TuiFly, others by Air Berlin itself. But to be honest, there is hardly any difference.

  • Airplane: Boeing 737-700
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning / Evening
  • Food: Snack (Roll in the morning, chocolate bar or chips in the evening)
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

The Boeing 737-700 of Air Berlin is one of the smallest airplanes in the fleet, only undercut by the Dash 8 Q400 that we will review another time. The airplane is used on many regional flights, especially on low utilization routes from Berlin to international destinations in Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

Standard Air Berlin seats with a solid seat pitch

The seats in the Boeing 737-700 are the same as in the “bigger” 737-800. The seat pitch of 30 Inch is pretty decent compared to other jets, the width with 17 Inch is okay as well. Leather seats ensure that the seats do not look worn out. Moreover, all seats in the Boeing 737-700s we’ve flown with so far were clean.

Seating is comfortable for a short distance, but not too comfortable to make you want to sit after more than two hours. All flights we took were especially enjoyable because there was nobody sitting next to us due to the low occupancy.

A sweet or a salty snack and non-alcoholic drinks

As a full service airline, Air Berlin does not only offer included baggage, but also a little snack and complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. Usually, you may choose between a salty snack (chips) and a sweet snack (e.g. cookies). Till 10 am in the morning, there is a different choice.

You may choose a hot pretzel stick or a hot raisin roll. In my opinion, early flights are the better choice when it comes to the snack. Drinks are served by order and you are able to order up to three drinks (we didn’t try more than that). The quality is okay, but there are no freshly squeezed juices or anything special like this.

Alcoholic drinks are available for purchase. If you are looking for “filing” food, you may also purchase sandwiches or even a hot pre-order meal.

Good service and a nice farewell gift

The service experience when flying Air Berlin is basic. In the Boeing 737-700, you are usually asked for drinks and your choice of snack and that’s it. The flight attendants are kind, but not too friendly. You’ll just feel okay.

The lavatories are clean and modern

The lavatories are clean and modern

That makes the overall experience decent for an European flight. The Boeing 737-700 is a little smaller, but offers more space for passengers. The food experience is the same as on every other regional flights operated by Air Berlin. So is the farewell snack that is either a chocolate heart or a bonbon.

Farewell gift

Farewell gift

We love the chocolate, so that makes us smile every time we de-board the airplane. So should you fly with Air Berlins 737-700? Definitely, as the service experience is solid, the snack is good and the overall experience is decent!

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  1. Great review! I flew with Air Berlin from Berlin to Stockholm and it was a very enjoyable flight! I would also give it the thumbs up and recommend it to fellow travelers. =)

    • Thanks a lot! Apart from the snack that’s a little too small in my opinion, flying AB on European flights is a really nice experience. Glad to see that you can also recommend them 🙂

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