Hotel Review: Hilton Copenhagen Airport

When you are searching for a luxury hotel in Copenhagen, you have only a small choice. As we had a connection flight the next morning, we decided to stay at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport. The location is pretty solid as you are able to reach the city center in less than ten minutes. A hotel you should definitely consider for either a business or a leisure trip to the Danish capital!

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The location of the Hilton Copenhagen Airport is definitely the best of an airport hotel I’ve seen so far. Just five minutes away on foot from the international terminals and less than ten minutes by metro or train to the city center – there may not be any better location for an airport hotel.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: November

Apart from that, the Hilton gives you what you pay for. A very solid luxury experience without any huge shortcomings. Anyway, I feel like the hotel would benefit of a more personal touch.

Nice view in a modern room

When we arrived at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport, we were granted an upgrade to an Executive Room due to our Hilton Honors Gold membership. Also, we got an early check-in. The check-in agent was a little harsh, but worked efficiently and gave us what we needed.

Welcome Treatment

Welcome Treatment

Coming to the room, it was neither a “wow” nor an “ouch” experience. The room had a decent size, a comfortable king bed and a working desk.

We had a nice view on the tarmac, so we were able to see airplanes departing and arriving.

Comfortable bed in the Executive Room

Comfortable bed in the Executive Room

The bathroom was huge, but not really cozy in my opinion. Just no place for a “Spa retreat”, but very convenient.

Apart from that, the room was clean and the interior is very modern, so the Executive Rooms at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport are definitely recommendable.

Very nice lounge at Hilton Copenhagen Airport

Luckily, we had a room on the same level as the lounge. When booking an Executive Room, you’ll have the lounge included. That means you can enjoy breakfast (morning), snacks (afternoon) and hors d’oeuvre (evening).

Seating at the Executive Lounge

Seating at the Executive Lounge

The quality of the food is very good, the choice is a little limited in the afternoon, but very good for breakfast. In the evening, you may enjoy light snacks and one or two main dishes.

Sofa and fire place in the Executive Lounge

Sofa and fire place in the Executive Lounge

The taste of the food was very good, but especially the dishes in the evening were cold at most times. The level of service was ranging from solid (in the evening) to amazing (in the evening).

All in all, we can fully recommend the Executive Club. Sadly, we did not have the chance to try the restaurant.

Small Spa with a heavy entrance fee

The Hilton Copenhagen Airport does also have an in-house Spa with a pool and a steam bath. Sadly, guests may only enter paying a heavy fee (approximately 15 Euro). Anyway, access is complimentary for HH Gold and HH Diamond members.

The pool and the little spa area

The pool and the little spa area

In my opinion, the value for the money (if you need to pay the fee) is not worth it. The pool is really nice and quite enjoyable, so is the steam bath. Complimentary tea and water is also provided, but that’s all. The number of loungers (two) is very limited.

Lounger in the Spa

Lounger in the Spa

Moreover, there are only few chairs, so there is not any room to sit down and just enjoy yourself.

Gym at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport

Gym at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport

The gym (free for all guests) is a little small, but offers all you need for a good workout.

A very good choice for a trip to Copenhagen

All in all, my conclusion is a little streaky. What is offered at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport is great for HH Gold and HH Diamond members, but may be a little disappointing for everyone else.

Exterior of the Hilton Copnehagen Airport

Exterior of the Hilton Copenhagen Airport

The limited access to the Spa and the high room rates (usually starting at 150 Euro [185 US-Dollar] a night without breakfast) make you expect a little more. Anyway, the Hilton Copenhagen Airport is a really good choice in comparison to other luxury hotels in the city as these are way more expensive.

View from the room

View from the room

The Hilton is a luxury hotel with small weaknesses, but offers modern as well as quiet rooms. You’ll get everything you expect of a five star hotel, but not more.

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