City Guide: Kaliningrad

There’s an old fight between communism and democracy. Kaliningrad lived it to the utmost. If you don’t know this city, maybe you recognize the name Koenigsberg. Whether or not, we spent some time in the now Russian city in a cold autumn month.

The first thing we learned in Eastern Europe is that you have to watch out for cheating taxi drivers. Due to this, we were a bit excited whether the driver from the airport to the hotel would ask for payment even though we already paid in advance at the airport itself. Very to our calming, he did not. I can’t say if we were surprised or not, but the whole public transportation system is a disaster. I’m pretty sure that it is not smart for a tourist to use it.

Anyway, that’s not any problem if you are any good on foot. The city remembers you that you are on the spurs of a well-known man: Immanuel Kant. To be quite honest, the dedicated place around the Koenigsberg Cathedral is the only thing worth spending a visit and seeing.

Koenigsberg Cathedral

Koenigsberg Cathedral

Inside of the Cathedral is a very nice museum, the entrance fee is pretty low and only used for the restauration of the church, so in our opinion worth it. What can be seen in the inside is the history of former German Koenigsberg and how it turned out to be Russian Kaliningrad.

museum 5

Nevertheless, another church can be found, parts of it are out of pure gold. The Church of Christ the Savior is located at the Victory Square and an orthodox church. We were lucky enough to enjoy a view from the hotel on it, however, we weren’t inside the religious house.

Church of Christ the Savior

Church of Christ the Savior

Victory Square

Victory Square

Well, despite that, there’s not much to see. Another very famous thing is a building called “The Monster”, which stands for the terrible architecture in times of communism. Apart from that, the infrastructure is really terrible as well. Trams are hardly any faster than pedestrians, buses are from the last century, really old though. If you decide to discover the not very beautiful city on foot, watch your steps! Stairs lack of completion, sidewalks teem with holes.

Last but not least, we had to go through under a bridge, which definitely didn’t seem very reliable to us. Sadly, I have to say that I got bored a bit there, as there wasn’t much to see, and I would lie if I said that Kaliningrad is a beautiful city today.


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6 Comments on “City Guide: Kaliningrad

  1. 🙂 I’ve never been and I haven’t heard much good about the present in Kaliningrad. But I’ve heard love stories about the old Königsberg… 🙂 So one day I must go and see it with my own eyes. 🙂

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  4. It’s too easy to focus on the bad infrastructure. Maybe put off your spoiled western filter and try and find what makes things in Russia interesting. I surely can picture some potholes in the UK or States as well, or focus on the miserable lives many Afro-Americans have like I have seen with my own eyes.
    In Russia, all comes down on social relations and their friendly culture.
    Nevertheless, the city must be explained by its role in the USSR and how it tries to get things better.
    You could have chosen to visit Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Oblast instead.


    • Hey Robbert, thanks for your comment. While I’ve actually studied politics and history and speak Russian and thus know a lot about the history of the country and Kaliningrad in particular, this is not the topic of this blog. traveluxblog is purely about politics, about recommending whether it is worth visiting a city or not and I’m quite sure people appreciate that. Even though it might be true that the history and situation of Kaliningrad is unique, that alone isn’t something that makes the city worth visiting.


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