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As fitness is an integral part of my life, I want to introduce you to a new section of traveluxblog. In our new series “Running in …”, we want to present you the most scenic and enjoyable jogging tours of the world. In our first part, you’ll have the chance to learn more about running in the beautiful town of Gothenburg.

I had the pleasure to start my run in Gothenburg on a lovely sunny morning in November. The weather was quite nice, the temperature a little cold, but still okay.

  • Distance: 6 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 50 Meters
  • Calories burned: 300-400
  • Month: November
  • Weather: Sunny

When it comes to the quality of running, it is great in Gothenburg! There are always pedestrian ways and even several parks that are really inviting for jogging.

Runtastic Karte

My jogging route through Gothenburg (Tracked by Runtastic)

I started my tour on a sunny Sunday morning at the Scandic Hotel Europa, located right across the Central Station.


Starting point: The central station of Gothenburg

The first kilometer of this jogging tour is nothing really special, as you’ll only see the Central Station and get a glance at the Göta älv (the river in Gothenburg).


Beautiful view on the Göta älv

But after that, the view is getting more and more scenic. The first interesting spot is Lilla Bommen, a very nice quarter to explore. It’s not really big, but really nice.


Shops in Lilla Bommen

You’ll also see one of the biggest buildings of the city, named “lipstick” by the locals due to its appearance.


The “ship restaurant” of Gothenburg

After running across Lilla Bommen, I decided to take the scenic path along the Göta älv.

From Nordstaden to Haga

That jogging route may be even more amazing when there is no construction site, but in my opinion, it is a pleasure even like this. After leaving Lilla Bommen, you’ll enjoy awesome views on the Opera House, so be sure to stop for a nice photo.


The scenic Gothenburg Opera

The next kilometer is full of awesome historic buildings that are located just a step away from the Göta älv. After running through Nordstaden, you’ll reach Rosenlund very soon.

Rosenlund is the station for the Stena Line, so you’ll also be able to see one of the biggest ferries in Europe if you are lucky.

Even though I decided to run along the Göta älv for another 500 meters to get a better picture of the Stena Line (I failed), I may recommend to turn to Haga instantly. Haga is known as one of the most beautiful parts of the city and yeah, it really is!

From Haga to Kungsparken

After exploring the lovely Haga quarter and its Christmas Market (even though it was early in the morning, people looked at me like I would be a real strange person while I was running through the Christmas Market), I turned over to Parkgatan and the Kungsparken.


A first view on Haga


Christmas Market in Haga in the morning

On the way, you’ll have the chance to see some more historic buildings that can be found everywhere in beautiful Gothenburg. Running on in Kungsparken, you’ll already be on your 4th kilometer.

Anyway, you shouldn’t stop here as running along the water is really enjoyable.



Before crossing the bridge at the Kungsportplatsen, you’ll have the chance to see the Stora teatern, also a very unique building.

Finish your tour at the Central Station

The scenic tour does not come to an end right here as the last kilometer is leading through the inner city of Gothenburg.


View on the inner city

At first, there is the Kungsportplatsen, but only some meters further, you’ll see a beautiful statue.


Beautiful statue in the sun

The last hundred meters to the Central Station are not really scenic, but give you a nice feeling of Gothenburg. Running through the pedestrian zone may be a little complicated in the afternoon, but it’s really enjoyable in the morning.

All in all, I can fully recommend taking this running tour. You’ll see most of the major attractions in Gothenburg and have an amazing run nevertheless. Especially running close at the water makes running in Gothenburg something very special. Try it, you’ll love it!


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  1. Great idea to introduce a section dedicating to interesting jogging place! I’ve also heard many positive things about Gothenburg indeed.

    • Thanks a lot. I hope I can help motivate others to go running as well 🙂

      Gothenburg is great btw, I can fully recommend to travel there. We’ll also release a dedicated city guide anytime soon, so be sure to stay in touch! 🙂

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