Airline Review: Swiss (regional Business)

A small airplane, good service and amazing Swiss food. That’s what we experienced on board the Avro RJ100 of Swiss (LX) in Business Class. We flew from Copenhagen to Geneva and had the pleasure to taste some fresh Swiss cuisine. Anyway, not everything was great, so we wouldn’t recommend to pay the huge extra fee to fly business class on a European route.

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Our business class experience in Copenhagen started with the security fast lane. This is a nice feature, as it saves you some minutes in Copenhagen.

  • Airplane: Avro RJ100
  • Cabin Class: Business
  • Daytime: Noon
  • Food: Lunch (Lentil salad, cheese and a chocolate mousse)
  • Seat Pitch: 33 Inch (83 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

Also, it is really nice that the SAS Lounge that you are allowed to enter as a business class passenger is airside. That means that after passing the security control, you are still able to enjoy some food and a drink.

SAS Business Class Lounge in Copenhagen

SAS Business Class Lounge in Copenhagen

The choice in the lounge itself was a little small, but the design and the seating were nice (we’ll release a dedicated review soon!). Problematic was the location of the boarding gate, located more than ten minutes away from the lounge on foot.

Late boarding, but a nice welcome

Sadly, boarding was also some minutes delayed. After some waiting time, the boarding process began. Business class passengers were allowed to board first (other passengers were advised to wait). After being on board, you were able to take a seat.

Welcome gift waiting on the seat

Welcome gift waiting on the seat

The airplane has a 2-3 configuration that means that business class passengers sitting on the one side (we did) don’t have any advantage in terms of sitting. The welcome was very warmly anyway. On every seat there was a refreshing tissue and a bottle of water waiting for business class guests.

Seat Pitch in the Swiss Business Class

Seat Pitch in the Swiss Business Class

Also, you were offered complimentary newspapers (English, French and German). The staff was able to speak several languages, including German, English, French and Italian.

Fresh Swiss cuisine with a healthy touch

The food service on the two hour flight was served after approximately thirty minutes. Surprisingly, the food was very healthy and had a pretty fresh touch.

Lunch in Swiss Business Class

Lunch in Swiss Business Class

The main dish was a lentil salad with some sliced duck. A very interesting dish for an airplane, but really tasty in my opinion. Sabrina was not happy about the dish, but she isn’t a fan of lentil. Also, there was a choice of bread with different rolls available.

As a side dish there was some cheese that was really tasty. Last but not least, there was a chocolate mousse – unquestionably the highlight of the whole meal.

Very good overall experience with Swiss

Solid seating with more space, very good food and Swiss hospitality. Flying business class in the little Avro RJ100 was a really nice experience. The restrooms were equipped with some special amenities, but no high quality ones nevertheless.

Amenities in the lavatories

Amenities in the lavatories

What was a really special touch was the hot chocolate, which they were able to prepare on board. Freshly cooked hot milk and high quality chocolate from Switzerland – a really special touch before landing.

Farewell chocolate

Farewell chocolate

We really enjoyed our time on board, but we wouldn’t pay the high extra charge for business class in the future nevertheless. Everything was better, but nothing was so special that it is worth paying a four or even five times higher price than for an economy ticket.

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