City Culture: Malmö

Malmöfestivalen is something almost everybody has heard about before. Being the biggest festival of Scandinavia, all kinds of cultural activity can be found there. Therefore, it’s not just music, but also arts and design, lifestyle, sports, food and drink and some specials for the youngest, so-called kids events. Even though this might be the incorporation of culture in a city, this only takes place in August. But Malmö has much more to offer in regard to culture, all year long!

When we roamed through Malmö, a cute city in Sweden, we discovered several interesting places. One we went by was the Malmö Opera.


However, it was already pretty late by then, but I decided afterwards to have a closer look at the offered program. So, I think it might be interesting for a broadband audience, as the Malmö Opera hosts international standard opera classics. Moreover, musicals in general as well as contemporary musical dramas can be watched there. Apart from that, there is also a special program for children. All in all, up to 1500 visitors can find a place in there.

Museums in Malmö

Anyone who enjoys paying a visit to museums will be at the right spot in Malmö! To be more precise, at the Malmöhus Castle, as it hosts several museums at once. To give you an idea about it: The Malmö Art Museum, the City Museum, the Museum of Natural History plus the Science and Maritime House Museum. Unfortunately, as we visited Malmö very spontaneous, we simply did not have the time to pay them a visit. Apart from that, you may consider the Moderna Museet Malmö, which exhibits prominent international and contemporary works of art.

Malmö Konsthall

Last but not least, the Malmö Konsthall is worth a visit.

Theater in Malmö

If you are looking for a good theater, you’ll be at the right address at Malmö Stadsteater for sure! It’s aim is to engage, touch and entertain. Moreover, it is one of the leading city theaters of Sweden. No matter whether you prefer the “new Malmö” or the more classic one, the Malmö Stadsteater puts both of them together in a broadband variety of pieces!

Concerts in Malmö

Next to several bars and clubs where artists from all over the world perform in the evenings, the Malmö Arena is the spot where most of the major concerts are held. To get an idea about what is going on or about the program, I’ll recommend to have a look at the website!


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